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Enjoy A Soft Cotton Or Cotton-Blend Quilt From Spotlight

For a year-round quilt that you can rely on, look for a cotton or cotton-blend fill quilt from Spotlight! Cotton is a light, soft and breathable material that is used to make all sorts of clothes and bedding, and as a quilt filling it can be relied on for a great night's sleep no matter the temperature.

At Spotlight, you can find a range of quality cotton-filled quilts, filled with both pure cotton and cotton blends, available in single, double, queen and king sizes to suit your bed. Look for quality brands like Tontine, Ever Rest and Jaspa to grab cotton quilts you can rely on for years to come.

What materials can cotton be blended with in a quilt?

Cotton on its own makes for an excellent quilt filling, but you can also blend it with other materials to draw out the benefits of both materials while also removing any drawbacks each material may have. Some materials you'll see blended with cotton at Spotlight include:

  • Ultra fibre: Made from polyester, Ultra Fibre is a Tontine branded material that has superior anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, which makes it an excellent choice for those with allergies and asthma. Because it is made from polyester, it is easy to wash when needed.
  • MicroPol fibre: This amazing synthetic material is unique to the Jaspa brand and is known for its lofty feel and down-like cushioning. It provides plenty of warmth without weight, and is hypoallergenic, machine washable and durable.

Cotton and cotton-blend quilt FAQ

What is a cotton/cotton-blend quilt?

A cotton or cotton blend quilt is a bed quilt that has been filled with either pure cotton or a blend of cotton with another material. These quilts usually have a matching cotton cover as well.

Is it better to have a cotton blended filling in a quilt?

Adding a second material to cotton-filled quilts can add extra properties like loft, durability and bounce, but it usually means adding a man-made synthetic material to your quilt. If you prefer all-natural cotton, then stick to a 100% cotton filling in your bed quilt.

How do I wash a cotton/cotton-blend quilt?

Many of our cotton and cotton blend quilts can be washed in a machine. Make sure to choose a cold, gentle cycle and avoid tumble drying - instead, line dry in the shade until completely dry. Some cotton and cotton-blend quilts can be hand washed or dry-cleaned, but make sure to check the label on your quilt to see what is most suitable.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have a great range of bed quilts for you to choose from with a variety of fillings, including:

  • Wool quilts: With its excellent breathability, warming and moisture-wicking properties, a wool quilt is a solid choice for all seasons and will prevent many nasties from setting up shop in your bed.
  • Feather and down quilts: For the ultimate in softness combined with extreme lightness, a feather or down quilt is a luxurious purchase that will never feel overbearing and stifling.
  • Polyester quilts: Super soft and fluffy, a polyester quilt is a great choice for people who need to clean their quilts regularly, as they are water-resistant and machine washable.

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