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Rest Comfortably With A Specialty Pillow From Spotlight!

Whether you're trying to sleep or just enjoying some downtime reading a book, the right specialty pillow can make getting comfortable so much easier! Our bolster, neck and body pillows can be used at home or while travelling, and come from quality brands such as Brampton House and Ever Rest.

Use them in the bedroom or the lounge at home, or get comfy in the car or while you're in the air with any of the amazing specialty pillows from Spotlight!

What kinds of specialty pillows can I find at Spotlight?

We've got a great variety of specialty pillows for you to choose from at Spotlight, including:

  • Bolster pillows: These long, firm pillows are used to support your body as you sleep or to raise your legs if you are more comfortable that way.
  • V-shaped pillows: These versatile pillows are great for sleeping with, or can be used as back support while you sit up in bed.
  • Neck pillows: These cushy pillows are ideal for when you have to sit up for long periods of travel time, like on a plane or when you're a passenger in a car. They keep your neck, head and shoulders stable and make sleeping while sitting much easier.
  • Body pillows: These long, soft pillows are designed to help you sleep, and a wonderful for cuddling up to on a cold night. You can also use them as an extra-long standard bed pillow.
  • Leg pillows: Keep your hips and spine aligned with our leg pillows. These shapely pillows are designed to sit under your leg and will prevent your hips from over-rotating during the night.
  • Travel pillows: These handy pillows function as small, supportive standard pillows and can be used to make any surface more comfortable to rest your head on.

For more pillow varieties, such as our memory foam and European pillows, browse the full pillows range online!

Specialty pillow FAQs

What are specialty pillows?

Specialty pillows are uniquely-shaped pillows that are designed to help you rest comfortably. Unlike standard bed pillows, they don't always go under your head - specialty pillows can go between your legs, beside your torso, behind your back or even around your neck.

Common specialty pillows include neck pillows, body pillows, v-shaped pillows and U-shaped pillows.

What is the best material for specialty pillows?

Specialty pillows, as they are designed to help you relax better, are often made from memory foam or polyester. These synthetic materials are easy to clean, durable and will mould to your body shape to help you rest better.

How do I style specialty pillows?

You can find a great range of specialty pillowcases to dress up your v-shaped, bolster and body pillows, so you can ensure they match with the rest of your bedding. As for styling, larger pillows like v-shaped, bolster and body pillows can be layered with standard bed pillows and European pillows at the head of your bed, or a long bolster pillow can run along the foot of the bed as well. Due to their small size and unusual shapes, leg and neck pillows are best stored away for when you need them.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We've got many other high-quality pillows that will help you sleep comfortably, including:

  • Wool pillows: Natural wool is anti-bacterial, wicks away moisture and is lovely to sleep on. These breathable pillows naturally deter dust mites and bacteria, so are great for anyone with dust allergies.
  • Latex pillows: Cool and squishy, latex pillows are fantastic for hot sleepers! These long-lasting pillows need to be hand-washed, but when properly cared for will retain their hypoallergenic, anti-fungal qualities.
  • Feather and down pillows: If you're after the ultimate soft pillow, look for pillows filled with feather and down! The more down, the softer the pillow. These breathable pillows will need to be fluffed up after use to keep their shape.

Make sure to check out our bedding collection for everything else you need to sleep comfortably!

Find the right specialty pillows at Spotlight

Are you ready to try a specialty pillow? Choose your neck, v-shaped, body or bolster pillow online, safely pay and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. You can also shop in person by visiting your nearest Spotlight store.

Make sure to read our buying guides on pillows, pillowcases and bed linen to make sure you've got everything you need for your bed. And for more bedding inspiration, check out our blogs on the best bedding for your sleeping style, guest bedroom ideas and how to create a serene haven in your bedroom.



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