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Sketch, draw and write with the right pencils for the task at hand - from colour pencils to lead pencils and even a few pencil surprises.

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What's in a pencil? You'll find that pencils are far more sophisticated these days than just the old-fashioned grey lead pencil. Generally, they can be divided into the following categories:

Water-soluble pencils

The best option for experienced artists, water-soluble pencils are rich, dense and versatile, despite what their name may suggest. They can include tinted graphite pencils (softer pencils that produce darker marks), along with the many types of ink-like pencils available. It's important to note that water-soluble pencils can also be wet pencils or dry pencils.

Wet pencils

'Wet pencil' is a common term used among artists. These pencils are often made from materials such as vegetable oil, soybean oil and waxes (great for versatility). If a wet pencil contains wax pastel, it's well-suited to larger coverage. However, this type of pencil can still be used for more detailed work if the tip is kept sharp, and the wet look will remain.

Dry pencils

Dry pencils are the opposite of wet pencils because they're used when precision is required. They also have a dry effect, which means it's easier to create finer lines and detailed artwork. Even though dry pencils are mostly used in combination with wet pencils, they still have applications in art on their own, and are often preferred by artists.

Sharpen your skills with these drawing & colouring techniques

Drawing is a skill you can continue to develop over a lifetime but there are some tried-and-tested techniques that will help you draw and colour better.

For example, use the side of the pencil to draw, rather than the tip, and your pencil will stay sharper for longer. Consider the speed in which you're drawing a line and the amount of weight you put behind it because this will change the look of the line.

When you start your drawing, go with a rough under-drawing first so you can see how it looks on the page and, once happy, you have a foundation to build on. Given pencils are prone to smudging, you're best to work from left to right (or right to left for lefthanders).

Once you've got these basics mastered, you can hone your drawing and colouring techniques further by varying line thickness and mixing up your shading and blending.

Other stationery & school supplies

Markers, gel pens & felt tip pens

Take your work to the next level of colour vividness with markers, gel pens and felt tip pens that dry quickly for smudge-free art works.

Notebooks, notepads & calendar planners

Keep your creativity (and yourself) organised with beautiful notebooks, notepads and calendar planners for all tastes.

School glue, craft tape & adhesives

Craft and art projects can be sticky business, so it pays to have the appropriate school glue, craft tape and adhesives to keep everything together.

Desk & stationery supplies

Make sure you've got all the supporting bits & bobs in stationery and desk supplies, so you can concentrate on the important stuff instead.

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