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Your Basic Guide To Die Cutting

Die cutting is becoming increasingly more popular in this world of technology. Of course, if you never heard of die cutting before, you may wonder if this is a suitable craft for you. So, anyone curious about die cutting and how it is done can learn more about this brilliant craft below.

How Does A Die Cutting Machine Work?

A die cutting machine is used to cut out specific shapes and designs you can use in your crafting projects. The machine basically cuts certain materials into different shapes, which you can design yourself or obtain from a seller.

Various materials can be used in a die cutting machine, although it does depend heavily on the die cutting machine you have. Common materials used in a die cutting machine include paper, felt and cardstock.

There are manual and digital die cutting machines as well. Manual die cutting machines are the most affordable but require the most effort. Digital die cutting machines are more expensive, but often allow you to work in more detail and with a larger number of designs.

What Tools Are Used To Create The Designs?

Once you have a die cutting machine, you also need some dies to cut the shapes properly. Most types of dies are made from a metal, as this makes it easier to go through materials such as felt and paper.

Dies are widely available in stores these days and can be used with many die cutting machines. Of course, Spotlight recommends checking which dies are advised for your machine to avoid problems once you start crafting.

What Are Some Additional Tips For Those Just Beginning With Die Cutting?

Even if you never have done die cutting before, you will find that you pick up this craft quickly. Of course, there are some tips Spotlight can provide to enhance the results of your first projects and master the various techniques a lot easier.

Check the material: Before you add any material to the die cutting machine, you always need to check the thickness. Even if you use materials you have used in the past, these materials can still come with a variable thickness.

A prime example of a material with a variable thickness is felt, which can come in thick and thin versions. If your die cutting machine can only handle thinner materials, then avoid placing thicker felts into your die cutting machine.

Compatibility: We already mentioned that not all dies work with all die cutting machines. As die cutting machines are made with their own preferred range of dies, it is necessary to check the compatible dies for your machine before you attempt a project.

Different types of dies: It is rather important to familiarize yourself with the various types of dies available out there. One of the things to look at is the overall thickness of the dies, as some of the thinner options will restrict you somewhat in terms of materials.

When you choose thinner dies, always make sure that you use a suitable material. Thinner dies will not cut thicker materials effectively, so if you are using a thicker felt for example, make sure you use a thicker and sturdier die to cut it.

As you become more advanced with die cutting, you will undoubtedly obtain some more elaborate dies. Of course, this will take a little more time to master, as you might have to use additional supplies such as double-sided tape and spray adhesive to put these intricate dies on paper.

Find All The Die Cutting Supplies You Need At Spotlight

Spotlight provides the full range of die cutting supplies for crafters, which are all offered at the cheapest prices. In this section, Spotlight provides you with the full range of die cuts and designer templates, ensuring you can get started with die cutting by having the best tools possible.

In addition to dies and templates, you can also count on Spotlight for additional die cutting supplies, which includes die cutting machines. So, be sure to browse the range of papercraft supplies to uncover all the supplies offered online and in-store. We are sure you won't be disappointed with the amazing deals and offers available at the moment.



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