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How To Apply Embellishments On Paper?

Embellishments are used for a variety of papercrafts, this includes scrapbooking. But with so many embellishments to choose from, which do you choose? And how do you use embellishments on paper effectively? Find out in this convenient guide from Spotlight.

How To Choose The Right Number Of Embellishments For A Project?

When you work with embellishments for the first time, it is all too easy to use too many. Naturally, this can cause the focal point of your project to become lost among the many embellishments.

To avoid overdoing it on embellishments, it is a good idea to lay out your design on paper first. Do not glue anything just yet, but just look at how the embellishments look in comparison to the focal point of your project. If there are too many, take a few out until you get the right focus.

The number of embellishments can overwhelm a project easily, but so can using too many colours on the same project. You could also use the wrong colour combinations, which can ruin the entire design. So, it can really help just to add the items to paper without gluing them in place to get your design looking good first.

Ideally, you do not want to use more than three different types of embellishments. Anything more can easily overwhelm the design. So, as long as you stick with this basic rule, you should not experience too many problems creating your design.

Which Embellishments Are Great To Start With?

There are a bunch of embellishments you can start with, as some are easier to incorporate than others. Here are some of Spotlight's personal favourites for beginners.

Beads: This is one of the most popular embellishments in a variety of crafts, so their applications are not limited to papercraft. Of course, they are extremely popular for scrapbooking as well as cardmaking, so these are some basics you need to include.

Buttons: Like beads, buttons are a brilliant addition to any papercraft. They are often used to construct specific decorations, such as flowers and card accents. So, getting a variety of differently coloured buttons is a good idea for all those papercraft projects.

Charms: When you want something extra special for your papercraft project, you might want to look into some charms for embellishments. These charms should only be used individually, and you do not want to combine different ones on the same page, as it may become too busy. However, a single charm on a scrapbook page or a card will look amazing.

Glitter glue: If you do not want to get any nasty glue stains on paper, or simply want to add more texture to paper, then you could consider glitter glue as an embellishment. Glitter glue is also popular for children's projects, as kids can get quite creative with this unique type of glue.

Pressed flowers: Nothing lights up a papercraft project than some pressed flowers. While you can use real flowers, you can also choose some premade pressed flowers, which can make any papercraft project a lot more beautiful.

Twine: Sometimes, you do not need special embellishments to make your papercraft projects special, as something as simple as twine can be used as a decoration as well. Naturally, twine is really affordable and can be purchased in large quantities for an extremely affordable price. So, you might want to add this embellishment to your craft room as soon as possible.

Twine works for a variety of projects, this ranges from cardmaking and scrapbooking to gift wrapping. And if you are a gardener, you will find even more suitable applications for twine.

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