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Mix and match to create your unique jewellery and accessories projects with heishi beads from Spotlight. Shop heishi beads in a range of vivid and bright colours.

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Create Eye-Catching Jewellery And Accessories With Heishi Beads From Spotlight

Heishi beads are so much fun to craft with, thanks to their unique flat shape and bright colours! Heishi beads are easy to thread, come in a huge range of colours and are an affordable craft supply perfect for beginners to use.

At Spotlight we're delighted to offer you a huge range of heishi beads to craft with, with a collection of colours and material options to choose between. Created by trusted brands such as Ribtex and Crafter's Choice, our heishi beads are a must-have for any DIY jewellery makers!

Why we love heishi beads

Heishi beads have a unique look that, when stacked together on a string, creates a textured, detailed accessory that you'll love running your fingers over. Heishi beads are easy to work with, thanks to the hole they all have in their middle, and can also be glued onto frames, slats and other flat surfaces as decor.

Heishi bead FAQs

What are heishi beads?

Heishi beads are traditionally made from shell or stone, and are always a flat, circular shape with a hole in the middle. They originated from the Native Americans of New Mexico, but are now mass-produced around the world. You can also find polymer clay beads made in the heishi style in this category.

What can I make with heishi beads?

Heishi beads are often seen strung around the neck as a necklace, but can also be used in bracelets, anklets and stacked earrings. You can also use them as small decorative accessories by adhering them to flat surfaces with glue. Choose a heishi bead kit to ensure you have plenty of colourful, black and white heishi beads to work with.

What string do you use with heishi beads?

Synthetic threads made from nylon or elastic are best, as their flexibility allows the accessory to move and shift comfortably. You can also use a metal cord for extra strength but it will not provide the same amount of flexibility as a soft synthetic cord would.

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Find the right heishi beads at Spotlight

Excited to shop for jewellery supplies at Spotlight? Choose your heishi beads set online, safely pay and we'll deliver your heishi bead kit straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our amazing team will help you choose the best heishi beads set for your needs.

Make sure to browse our beads and jewellery making buying guide so you know exactly what you need to start hand-crafting your own accessories. And for more creative ideas and inspiration, check out our blogs on how to make candles at home, friendship bracelet ideas and how to use polymer clay.



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