Explore Spotlight’s range of craft feathers for a range of creative projects. Shop for goose feathers, ostrich plumes, peacock eyes, feather trims & more!

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Get Creative With Colourful Craft Feathers From Spotlight

Take a creative flight of fancy with the fabulous range of craft feathers available at Spotlight. Whether you are looking for large multi-packs of feathers, peacock eye feathers, eagle quills or ostrich plumes, you're sure to find the perfect feathers for your project in our range. You can also find gorgeous ribbon trims adorned with feathers, perfect for adding a little touch of elegance to headbands or costumes. Feathers are also a fabulous way to add instant colour and texture to your artistic creations. Kids especially will love the soft, tactile nature of craft feathers. Try adding feathers to your craft kit and creating textural collages and sculptures with feathers from Spotlight.

Discover A Huge Variety Of Feather Shapes, Colours & Sizes

Explore a massive selection of different feather types at Spotlight. Our range of craft feathers includes duck feathers, peacock feathers, ostrich feathers, turkey feathers, goose feathers and more! Discover different sizes and feather types as well, from sleek and smooth feather quills to fluffy marabou feathers, you can incorporate a fabulous variety of textures into your craft creations. Feathers from Spotlight come in natural patterns and tones as well as vibrant or pastel dyed to suit any project.

Feathers FAQs

What can I make with feathers?

Feathers can be used to embellish a huge range of fashion accessories and costumes. From adorning a spring racing fascinator to trimming a bohemian-style top, feathers can add an elegant accent to just about any item. You could also make a stunning feather wreath, a dream catcher or a masquerade mask to be the belle of the ball. Explore our black feather fascinator project or our feather wreath project for just a couple of great ways you can craft with feathers!

How to craft with feathers

The simplest way to craft with feathers is by using a glue gun to adhere them to your creations. If you're creating something delicate like a fascinator then you may prefer to use a needle and thread to carefully stitch your feathers in place. You can use feathers to create stunning jewellery pieces like pendants or earrings - try using bead crimps or wrapping the end of feathers in a cord to attach them to your jewellery creations.

How to shape feathers

Feathers are a natural product, and are actually made from keratin. This is the same kind of protein that's found in hair and nails! Much like doing your hair, feathers can be shaped with heat and steam. Try giving feathers a blast of steam from an iron, and once it has cooled enough to handle, wrap it around something cylindrical to create curved or curly feathers!

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Shop peacock feathers, ostrich feathers, feather trims, goose feathers and assorted feather packs at Spotlight. No matter what you're making with craft feathers you can find all your crafting essentials from Spotlight's range of basic craft supplies. Shop craft glue & adhesives, craft felt, pom poms, chenilles & feathers and more to complete your craft projects! Shop it all online today, where you can enjoy the convenient option of home delivery for your order. Get inspired to create with your favourite feathers and explore Spotlight's FREE craft projects, kids' craft projects and headwear & millinery projects online. Spotlight VIP members also enjoy exclusive benefits like discounts and advance sales notifications, so make sure you sign up today!



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