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Shop glue gun refills at Spotlight for your project. Stock up on essential glue gun glue sticks suitable for various applications such as plastic, wood & more.

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Discover Quality Hot Glue Stick Refills At Spotlight

The hot glue gun is a crafter's best friend, and you can ensure yours is always ready to go by having the right glue gun refill sticks on hand at all times. Our glue gun refills come from reputable brands such as Gloo and Crafter's Choice, meaning you can always rely on a hot glue stick from Spotlight to adhere to your projects quickly and easily!

What kinds of glue gun refills can I find at Spotlight?

You can find a few different kinds of glue gun stick refills here, including:

  • Low temperature glue gun refills: These are used for glue guns that run at lower temperatures, and are ideal for adhering delicate materials like lace and ribbon. They are safer to use, with less risk of a bad burn if the glue touches your skin.
  • High temperature glue gun refills: These are used for glue guns that run at a higher temperature and provide a stronger bond than low temperature refills.
  • Coloured glue gun refills: These glue gun refills are opaque and dry to a lovely colour. Choose from blue, yellow or red refill colours.
  • Glitter glue gun refills: Hot glue can be sparkly too! Use a glitter glue refill when you want your glue to stand out with some sparkles.

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Hot glue stick FAQs

How to refill a glue gun

Make sure your glue gun refill stick is the right type (high or low temp) and the right size (regular or mini glue gun). Slide the glue stick through the hole at the back of the gun and into the chamber in the middle. Slide the hot glue gun stick as far in as you can to ensure the inner chamber is properly filled.

How to use a glue gun refill stick

Glue gun refill sticks can only be used inside a hot glue gun, as they won't melt in a way you can use them without one. Hot glue sticks come in multi-packs and should be stored in a cool, dry place out of sunlight.

What can I use a hot glue gun for?

Hot glue guns are fantastic for when you need a strong glue bond in your art and craft projects - use lower temperature glue guns for delicate materials. Glue guns can also be used to help create a grip on slippery surfaces and to make minor repairs to furniture and toys.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other useful kinds of craft glues for you to choose from, including:

  • Glue sticks: These easy-to-use sticks are great for papercraft and are a common sight in school pencil cases and offices.
  • Fabric glue: Make repairs and assist in sewing using any of our quality fabric glues.
  • Glitter glue: Glitter glue works as an adhesive, but is also super fun to use for decorating your art and craft projects!

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Find the right glue gun stick refills at Spotlight

Our range of glue gun refill sticks has something for everyone! Choose your hot glue gun stick online, safely pay and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop for hot glue gun sticks in person.

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