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Secure your fabrics to other surfaces with quality craft fabric glues at Spotlight. Shop fabric glue for no sew hems, embellishments, trim and more!

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Fabric Glues Make Securing Your Fabrics Easy!

If you need to make a minor alteration or want to adhere fabric to another surface, then try any of Spotlight's specialty fabric glues! Our fabric adhesives dry clear and are flexible, preventing the fabric from stiffening under the glue - unless that's what you want and you're using our fabric stiffening glue, of course.

From trusted brands like Gloo, Birch and Crafter's Choice, our fabric adhesives are a must-have for beginner and experienced sewists!

What is fabric glue used for?

Fabric glue is used to stick two pieces of fabric together or to adhere fabric to another surface like paper, wood or foam. It should not be used entirely in the place of traditional stitches - rather, fabric glue for clothes can hold two pieces or parts of material in place while you sew, or can be used to make minor repairs to clothing, fabric furniture and fabric accessories.

Some fabric glues also have a stiffening attribute that can be helpful when working with flimsy materials like lace.

Fabric glue FAQs

How strong is fabric glue?

Fabric glues can be very strong depending on how you choose to use them. A wide, even layer of fabric glue will work well as a permanent bond, while a few drips are ideal for a temporary bind while you sew the fabric together. Some glues are so strong that, if you try to rip the adhered fabrics apart, they will rip before the glue gives out!

How long does fabric glue take to dry?

Your fabric glue bottle will say how long you should leave it to dry, but in general, 24 hours is enough for more fabric glues to dry fully. Some glues may say they dry in as little as 4 hours, but it may take up to 2 days before the fabric is safe to wash.

How to remove fabric glue

If the glue has dried you can try scraping it off with a knife or your fingernail. A mixture of baking soda and coconut oil, applied to a stiff brush and then scrubbed into the glue, may also help lift it. Finally, dry cleaning may remove the glue, as many are created to withstand water and soap but not the solvents used in dry cleaning.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have heaps of other adhesives you need to check out, including:

  • Glue sticks: These pencil case classics are perfect for scrapbooking, poster-making and any similar school projects.
  • Glitter glue: Used more for decoration than adhering, glitter glues are sparkly, colourful and great for writing with or creating stand-out lines on your project.
  • Glue gun refills: Hot glue is the jack of all trades when it comes to adhesives, so make sure yours is always ready to go with our range of glue gun stick refills.

Check out some of our other craft glues, such as our superglues and glue tapes, online or in-store today!

Find the right fabric glue at Spotlight

Ready to find the best permanent fabric glue for your next project? Choose your fabric adhesive online, safely pay and we'll deliver your permanent fabric glue straight to your front door. Or visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop for fabric glue in person!

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