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Watch clay modelling projects manifest before your very eyes when you're equipped with the right clay sculpting accessories and tools.

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All the clay sculpting tools you'll need

Our selection of clay sculpting tools, accessories and finishings mean there's no limit to what you can create when you're working with modelling clay. These clay sculpting art supplies are perfect for nurturing skill and confidence levels in artists - either aspiring or established - who are keen to work with new mediums.

You can expand your kit with pliers, rulers, crimpers and other accessory essentials - all the necessary items to bring your projects to life, and to help you develop and refine your signature style along the way.

Clay tools and their specific uses

Most sculpting kits include a selection of wire-tipped tools and texture wheels that are designed for carving and cutting clay, blending and smoothing lumps, and gouging out intricate lines when you need to add definition.

As well as these wire-tipped tools, there are many moulding kits available that provide another way to help make adding vital details or shapes to your project less time-consuming, easy to apply and hassle-free. You might also like using ball-end tools that are fantastic at mimicking your fingertips but, at a much smaller scale, for pushing and dragging clay into position or into intricate crevices.

Consider adding purpose-designed brushes and sandpaper to your toolkit for blending and smoothing out clay so your artwork impresses with its professional finish - not to mention offering an important sense of accomplishment and pride in what you've created.

Art supplies to enhance your sculptures

Our range of art and paint sets are the perfect solution for adding the finishing touches to any clay sculpting project. From acrylics to oil-based paints - plus watercolours and brushes for narrow, wide or shaded finishes - the paints and painting supplies you'll find at Spotlight will bring your project to life by highlighting important details and defining light and shade.

When looking for metallic, glitter and gloss finishes, as well as quality sealers and glazes, there's something for every project in our selection of spray paints, finishes & varnishes.

Find the right sculpting tools and accessories at Spotlight

Ready to buy? Shop through our sculpting tools and accessories online. We highly recommend consulting our guides on choosing the right paint mediums and paint brushes for all the information you need to make the right choices for your clay modelling projects.

For the younger and budding artists in your family, our kids craft essentials guide is filled with advice and simple hacks to make setting up an art space and art supplies easy and inexpensive for the younger ones in your household.

Alternatively, head into a Spotlight store, check out the accessories we have available and speak with one of our friendly customer service team who'll be happy to answer your questions.



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