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Express your creativity with our drawing pads at Spotlight. Shop painting pads & drawing pads made from quality paper suitable for beginner & professional use.

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Create Beautiful Artwork On Drawing And Painting Pads From Spotlight

If you love to draw and paint, then you've got to get yourself some of the quality painting and drawing paper pads from Spotlight! With paper pads suitable for drawing and painting available, you can quickly fill your paper pad with art in your chosen medium with no fear of your artwork smudging, fading or seeping through the pages.

The kinds of painting and drawing pads you can find at Spotlight

You can find paper pads for many kinds of artwork here, including:

  • Watercolour paper pads: These thick paper pads are designed for use with watercolour paints, so the colours shouldn't bleed through, become saggy or tear when wet. Watercolour pads can be rough or smooth (cold-pressed or hot-pressed), so make sure you have the right paper type for the art you want to create.
  • Acrylic painting pads: These paper pads have thick, creamy paper that you can use acrylic paints Acrylic paper pads are designed to prevent your paints from bleeding through and are smooth so you can mix and blend colours on the page easily.
  • Drawing paper pads: These paper pads are designed for use with pencils. You can create everything from rough black and white sketches to detailed coloured pencil drawings on these thin pages.
  • Oil painting pads: These pads come with textured pages that are perfect for using oil paint All are prepared for oil paints, so no need to add gesso or any other kind of prep!
  • Tracing paper pads - these paper pads have very thin, semi-translucent pages that can be used for tracing images.
  • Pastel paper pads: These paper pads are designed for use with soft, hard and oil pastels, with a toothy surface that grips your pastels and allows you to blend them when you need to.
  • Mixed media paper pads: These paper pads are suitable for both wet and dry media, and can even take a light colour wash!
  • Tear-off palettes: Tear off a page and you'll have a portable palette ready to use! Suitable for both oil and acrylic paints, but not for watercolours.

Keep an eye out for paper pads from reliable brands such as Reeves and Fabriano for a drawing paper pad you can rely on.

Drawing and painting pads FAQs

What is the difference between a drawing pad and a painting pad?

Generally, drawing pads are suitable for dry media like pencils, crayons, hard and soft pastels and markers. Painting pads can be used for acrylic, watercolour and oil paints, as well as oil pastels, inks and other wet media.

What sizes do drawing and painting pads come in?

Spotlight's paper pads come in sizes from as small as A5 to as large as A3 drawing pads. You can buy your drawing pads individually, or choose a set that contains multiple sizes together.

What is gsm in paper?

GSM stands for grams per square metre and is an indicator of how thick the paper of your drawing or painting pad is. Thicker papers, like those for use with paint, will have scores of around 250 to 300gsm, while the thinnest paper like tracing paper will only be 110gsm.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other kinds of art supplies at Spotlight, including:

  • Visual diaries: These larger diaries are ideal for scrapbooking and creating a folio to show off your best work.
  • Canvases and boards: Tired of paper? Try making art on a wooden board of stretched canvas! They are perfect for displaying your paint and drawings on.
  • Drawing supplies: All the types of dry media you need for drawing can be found here, including pastels, pencils, markers and charcoal.

Browse the full range of our art and craft supplies for everything else you need to create an amazing work of art.

Find the right drawing and painting pads at Spotlight

Ready to start drawing and painting? Choose your drawing pad online, safely pay and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to choose your paper pads in person.

Make sure to read our buying guides on paints and mediums, pens, pencils and markers and paintbrushes to ensure you're getting the right products for your needs. And for more art and craft inspiration, check out our blogs on how to draw a koala, how to create a holiday scrapbook and your guide to soft pastels.



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