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Introduce yourself to the science of mixing colour with the amazing paint palettes at Spotlight. Shop painting palettes & elevate your colour-mixing skills.

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Paint Like A Master With A Paint Palette From Spotlight!

A good paint palette makes accessing, mixing and choosing colours for your painting so much easier, and at Spotlight we've got a great range of quality plastic and wooden paint palettes for you to choose from.

Our paint palettes come from quality brands like Jasart and Semco, so you can enjoy painting with a paint palette from Spotlight with confidence!

What kinds of paint palettes can I find at Spotlight?

You can find paint palettes made from two kinds of material at Spotlight:

  • Wooden paint palettes: These are best used as an oil paint palette. If your wooden palette doesn't come 'finished', you should oil your palette to ensure the paint won't sink into the wood and stain it. Linseed oil is a great option, plus if you're painting with oil paint you'll have this on hand anyway!
  • Plastic paint palettes: These are best used as a watercolour paint palette or an acrylic paint palette. Plastic palettes are very light, so they're easy to hold for long periods of time. Many come with raised wells for you to keep paint in, which will keep the paint in place but may make it hard to mix on the palette itself.

You'll have a choice in well number, shape and size for your palette, so have a good look through the collection to choose the right one for your needs.

Paint palette FAQs

How to hold a paint palette

Paint palettes with a hole in them can be held in one hand as you paint by putting the thumb of your non-dominant hand through the hole and curling your fingers around the narrow edge. You can also flatten your fingers and rest them under the palette if that is more comfortable.

How to clean a wooden paint palette

Make sure to clean your wooden palette before the paint dries and hardens - wipe it off with a palette knife, then use a cloth or towel to remove any remaining paint. If your palette has dried out a bit, oil it now!

How to keep oil paint from drying on a palette

If you are leaving oil paints on the palette, you can prevent them from drying out by making sure each colour is sitting in a decent-sized mound on the palette. The paint will form a thin 'skin' over the mound, but then underneath your paint will remain fresh and ready to use.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have heaps of other handy painting tools for you to use, including:

  • Paint palette knives: These knives come in a variety of shapes and are used for applying paint to canvas.
  • Paint brushes: The traditional choice for use with paint our brushes come in a range of sizes, materials and colours.
  • Mediums: You can alter the properties of your paint by adding a special medium! They can make paint thinner, thicker, shinier, more matte, glittery and more.

Browse the full range of paints and painting supplies for everything else you'll need for your art!

Find the right paint palettes at Spotlight

Ready to get yourself a new paint palette? Shop for art supplies online, safely pay and we'll deliver your plastic or wooden paint palette straight to your front door. You can also shop for paint palettes in-store, with the help of one of our amazing team members!

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