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Enjoy Hot And Cold Food and Drinks on the Go With Thermos

The Thermos brand is famous for leading the charge on creating vacuum-sealed drinking flasks, and it is now a household name when it comes to insulated drink bottles and food jars. A Thermos food flask or drink bottle is a necessity when you want to have cold or hot food on hand when you're on the go. Whether it's hot tea during a university lecture or ice water for hot days outside, the perfect drink can help turn your day around! And a flask of hot soup is just ideal for a cold winter's day. A Thermos bottle or food container makes long days out of the home so much more comfortable - grab your drink or food Thermos container from Spotlight today!

Shop the Quality Range of Thermos Products On Sale At Spotlight

Spotlight has a great selection of Thermos bottles and food containers for you to choose from. For your drinks, choose from slick stainless-steel Thermos bottles, vacuum-sealed drink bottles, insulated travel mugs and colourful Thermos drink bottles the kids will love taking to school.If you are looking for a food Thermos, choose from slender ThermoCafe food jars, chunky stainless steel food jars with lids that serve as bowls or insulated food jars with included spoons for quick lunches as you travel. Each has anti-sweat and cool-touch exteriors and vacuum-insulated interiors that can keep food hot or cold as long as you need for the day.

Thermos FAQs

How does a Thermos container work?

Thermos containers work to keep your food or drink at the right temperature by preventing heat from entering or leaving the flask through its usual three ways - by blocking radiation, convection and conduction from occurring. It does this through its layers. Thermos containers have an inner chamber (that the liquid or food sits in) and an outer layer made of plastic or metal. In between these are two reflective layers of either glass or stainless steel with a vacuum between them. There is also an air-tight lid on the top that screws down. These three features prevent heat from entering or leaving the bottle, keeping it as cold or hot as you need for a long time.

How to clean Thermos containers

Never put your Thermos bottle or flask in the dishwasher, as it can damage the inner lining, To wash your thermos, simply add some dishwashing liquid into the thermos, add hot water and then screw the lid on, Shake vigorously, then open and pour out the soapy after. Fill again with clean water and empty to rinse out any suds.

If you have noticed some residue on the inside, add 1/4 cup of baking soda to the inside, fill with water and stir. Leave the thermos overnight before cleaning it out with clean water.

Clean the lid with dishwashing liquid and a scrubbing brush to help avoid any build-up around the screw area and the rim of the bottle.

How long will a Thermos stay hot?

How long your Thermos can stay hot or cold will depend on the type of thermos you have. Smaller Thermoses, like a kid's Thermos, can keep hot for up to five hours and cold for up to seven. Larger, more insulated Thermoses will keep hot for up to nine hours and cold for up to fourteen hours, especially if you pre-fill the bottle with hot or cold water for a few minutes before using.

What Else Can I Find For My Kitchen & Dining Needs At Spotlight?

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  • Drink bottles - from classy steel bottles to colourful sip bottles, our drink bottle range has something for everyone.
  • Drinking flasks - take your tea, coffee, smoothie or ice water with you on the go in any of these useful drinking flasks.
  • Storage containers - create a tidy pantry and kitchen with any of these quality food storage containers.

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Ready to buy? Explore our Thermos range online, pay safely and you'll have your Thermos delivered to your home in no time at all. You can also head into your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you choose the right Thermos for your needs. For a little more help in buying the right goods for your kitchen, read our handy kitchen storage buying guide. And for all things trending in the home, read our ideas blog today!



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