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Get Creative With Pens And Markers From Sharpie

For a reliable marker or pen, many of us look to the Sharpie brand - and for good reason! Sharpie pens and markers create bold, consistent linework no matter what surface you are using them on, and come in a range of colours as well as the classic black.

At Spotlight, you can enjoy a great variety of coloured Sharpies, both as single markers and in handy multi-packs.

What kinds of products does Sharpie create?

Sharpie is known for producing a variety of styles of drawing markers and pens, which include:

  • Sharpie permanent markers: The classic permanent marker can be used on most surfaces and will have pointed or chisel tips. Some can even be used on wet or oily surfaces!
  • Sharpie fine liners: These Sharpie pens have very small, sharp points that have quick-drying ink that's perfect for lining artwork and creating fine details.
  • Sharpie laundry markers: These markers can be used to create markings on clothing that will persist through washing and dry cleaning. Ideal for labelling your clothes!

Sharpie FAQs

Who are Sharpie?

Sharpie as a marker brand came to life in 1964 under the Sanford Manufacturing Company in Chicago. It began with only black Sharpies, but soon colours were introduced and by the end of 2002, over 200 million Sharpies had been produced!

How to use Sharpie paint markers

Sharpie paint markers are oil-based Sharpies that can be used on most surfaces for an opaque, thick line of colour. Shake the pen, uncap it and then press the tip into your chosen surface a few times to prime it. Colour will then start to flow!

How to clean Sharpie off surfaces

To remove permanent markers, it's important to work fast. Run the object under cold water to remove as much of that marker as possible, then blot at the stain gently with rubbing alcohol (don't scrub). Blot until dry.

Make sure to test the rubbing alcohol somewhere inconspicuously first to make sure your item isn't damaged.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find all sorts of drawing supplies at Spotlight, including:

  • Fine liners: These quick-drying pens are ideal for lining artwork and creating small, precise details in your drawings.
  • Permanent markers: Our range of permanent markers is perfect for creating lines and letters on most surfaces.
  • Calligraphy art pens: Our beautiful calligraphy pens are the ideal tool for lettering.

Browse our full range of art supplies for even more amazing drawing and writing supplies!

Find the right Sharpie pens and markers at Spotlight

If you love Sharpie pens, then you'll adore the range of Sharpie permanent markers and fine liners at Spotlight! Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your Sharpies straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop for Sharpe gel and ink markers in person.

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