Personalise bags, hats, sports kits + other accessories with iron-on or sew-on motifs. Browse the unique decorative items available here at Spotlight.

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Can I purchase motifs from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Whether you are looking for numbers for team shirts, cool and funky designs that will breathe a new lease of life into any product, or perhaps a label to declare craftsmanship, we are sure to have the motif for you. Shop our fabulous range online or instore today, with bargains galore at Spotlight's guaranteed low prices.

Which motif should I choose from this collection at Spotlight?

Well, that depends on personal preference really and what you are planning on doing with it. If you are looking for a way to funk up a denim jacket, we have lots of motifs and patches that would look amazing. A teenage girl's denim jacket would look fabulous adorned with our range of Emoji motifs, whereas, a child may love Simplicity's iron-on Disney motifs, featuring Lighting McQueen, Frozen characters and Mickey Mouse himself. This selection also features a range of product for adding name tags to clothing. This is a great way of ensuring that each item returns to the correct wearer, and will help children to know whose jumper is whose after getting changed at school. Alternatively, we also have a range of number motifs in stock, and these would be great for adding on to team clothes and keeping track of the squad.

How should I attach these motifs?

Attaching your chosen motif to an item of clothing or other crafty project is pretty easy to do, and how you attach it, depends on whether you have chosen iron on or sew on, just check out our handy guide below and choose the best method for you.

Iron On: Our iron-on motifs are attached by using use heat to seal the applique, permanently affixing it to the fabric. Make sure that any steam on your iron is turned off, before setting it a hot temperature. Place your motif into the desired position, ensuring that it is straight and double checking the location before placing a cotton pressing cloth over the top. Items such as a handkerchief or pillowcase should suffice. Then place the iron onto the cloth that is over your motif, do not move the iron back and forth, and hold it for around 35 seconds. Then turn the garment inside out, repeating the steps above. Finally, allow your motif to cool down before touching it.

Sew On: To sew one of our funky motifs and cool patches onto an item of clothing, such as a jacket, you will need a strong needle and thread. Place the motif on the item in your desired location and pin into place to prevent it from, moving, or if you prefer you can use an adhesive spray. It is recommended that you do a basic running stitch for the best finish and go around the entire circumference of your motif. We recommend that you stitch an extra couple of inches past your starting point to ensure that the patch will hood.

How should I care for and maintain these motifs?

Machine washing is not recommended for this item, and you should hand wash garments that you have attached these motifs to. Do not let products come into contact with any harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bleach and keep away from sources of heat or direct sunlight.



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