Sewing Furniture

Do you need a place to store your sewing machine on?Do you need more space for sewing? Have a look at our selection of sewing furniture and find the perfect solution! Whether you want a basic unit or an extension table, we can assist with all your needs.

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Can I purchase sewing furniture from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we are passionate about sewing, and we stock just about everything that you need to make sure that your textile project is a success. Whether you are a beginner sewer or a seasoned seamstress, we have all the sewing supplies that you could possibly need. This range includes a whole host of sewing furniture

How do I purchase sewing furniture from Spotlight?

To shop from our selection of sewing furniture, simply purchase online, through our safe and secure website, and follow the instructions right through to check out. All major payment methods are accepted, and we will deliver right to your door. Alternatively, call into one of our nationwide stores today. All of our products at Spotlight have been tried and tested, and one of our team of experts will be happy to help in any way that they can.

What is included in this range?

Whether you are looking for the perfect storage space for your sewing machine, the perfect tools to make your sewing area more comfortable, or any other sewing accessories and equipment, you are sure to find it amongst our fabulous collection of sewing furniture. Check out our pre-cut nylon net, available in a whole array of colours and sizes. Up your sewing game, and shop our attractive sewing furniture collection to ensure that you are comfortable whilst doing your favourite hobby. Shop now for our guaranteed low prices across the entire collection.

Do you have any sewing tips for beginners?

There are so many crafty projects you can make using fabric and a needle and thread, and the possibilities are seemingly limitless. When you first start sewing, either by hand or with a machine, it can be a little bit daunting. However, try to remember that practice makes perfect and with time, effort and lots of trial and error, you will soon have your sewing skills up to scratch. Ensure that you always use a sharp sewing needle and that you have enough supplies to complete your project. We would recommend that you secure your fabric carefully to avoid the material shifting whilst you are sewing, pinning if necessary. Always use fabric shears with extra caution and do not use them to cut anything else except from fabric. Sewing delicate fabrics can be a little bit challenging, and we would recommend treating it with a fabric stabiliser prior to sewing to make your job a little bit easier.

How should I care for my new sewing machine?

It is important to clean your machine regularly as the build-up of dust and lint can affect the machine's overall performance. When it is not in use, ensure that you keep it covered with an appropriate dust cover, with some of our products having this included. We also recommend that you take your sewing machine to be serviced, around once a year, to maintain performance for longer. Sewing machines are a great tool to have in your arson, and with just a bit of practice, some tender loving care, and a little bit of practice, you will soon be sewing like a pro.



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