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If you do a lot of sewing, getting the right lighting is essential both to get a neatly finished piece of work, as well as to protect your eyes. In bad light, everyday jobs such as threading needles, finishing off seams and inserting zippers can be much more difficult than they need to be. Make sure you get clear, directional lighting exactly where you need it with one of the specially designed sewing lamps from Spotlight. Bright LED lighting or natural daylight bulbs will make your work easier at all times of the day and year and there is also a lightbox included in the range, suitable for tracing and many other craft projects too.

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Find the Best Sewing Lamp for Your Needs at Spotlight!

Spotlight has a fine collection of sewing lamps, which could help you get a better look on your crafting project. Not sure which of our sewing lamps matches your needs best? Take full advantage of our experts' advice below and find our best sewing lamps below.

What Is the Daylight Tracing Light D32000?

One of the essential crafting lights you should have in your personal collection is the Daylight Tracing Light D32000 - this light is suitable for your sewing projects, but also for anything that involves tracing paper, pictures, and designs. So, whether you are into art, embossing, quilting, or even stencilling, you will find a purpose for the Daylight Tracing Light.

The Daylight Tracing Light is specifically designed for A4 pamper, making it suitable for most projects. The light also contains an eight watts daylight tube, which only emits a minimum amount of heat. So, the Daylight Tracing Light is not only functional, it is also quite safe.

What Is the Daylight Mini Base Mag?

Are you looking for an adjustable light? If so, the Daylight Mini Base Mag might be the advised choice for your sewing room. The Daylight Mini Base Mag comes with a sturdy base and an adjustable stand, so if you need to relocate your light to get a certain area more illuminated, you can easily do so with this light.

Of course, the Daylight Mini Base Mag is not only suitable for the sewing room since many Australians use this light as a table lamp. Given its compact size, the Daylight Mini Base Mag is also quite portable, so you can easily move this lamp from room to room.

What Is the Daylight Mini Clip Mag?

Some crafters prefer a light that can be clipped on - this includes a clip-on suitable for your crafting table or your sewing machine. Fortunately, customers can take full advantage of the clip-on version of the Daylight Mini Base Mag, the Daylight Mini Clip Mag.

What Is the Daylight Twist Portable Lamp?

Customers who prefer to obtain a more modern portable lamp for their sewing room should certainly consider the Daylight Twist Portable Lamp. The Daylight Twist Portable Lamp is lightweight and quite compact, enabling you to quickly move it as required. It also features a stylish design, which ensures your sewing room looks smashing.

One of the additional advantages of choosing the Daylight Twist Portable Lamp is its ability to cover a large surface. The lamp comes with a lamp of thirteen watts and can be twisted into the desired position. Therefore, crafters can benefit from a maximum amount of workspace at the right light angle.

What Should I Consider Before Buying a Sewing Lamp?

There are several things you should consider before you buy a lamp for the sewing room. Below, we have listed the most important factors when it comes to the selection of your sewing lamp, so be sure to read on.

The first thing to look at when it comes down to your sewing lamp is its overall power. How much of your working space requires light? And how much space can your selected sewing lamp cover? Naturally, this is the most important feature regarding your sewing lamp and should always be considered first.

Safety is important too, especially when it comes to table and crafting lamps. Light bulbs that get too hot are not great for fire safety and need constant attention. So, be sure to check for a table lamp with a lamp that does not get too warm.

Another thing to look out for with your new sewing lamp is versatility. Since crafting may require lighting in different places, a static lamp will not do much for your crafting needs. Therefore, buying a lamp that can be turned or twisted allows for a more versatile work area.

Finally, you must check your new sewing lamp for durability too. Even if you enjoy sewing as a hobby, the durability of your lamp will be an important factor. Always check for table lamps made from durable materials, even if they have a flexible stand. Fortunately, you can easily find such lamps in the collection at Spotlight.

Where Can I Go with More Questions About Sewing Lamps?

Is this your first time you are buying a sewing lamp, and are you unsure about the things you need? Or do you need additional information on one of the sewing lamps available in the Spotlight catalogue? For more info about our range of table lamps, or for some assistance during your search, do not hesitate to contact the Spotlight team for some help.



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