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Embellish Your Garments & Accessories With Fabric Glues & Adhesives

At Spotlight, you can find a great range of glues and adhesives that are specially formulated for use on fabrics and textiles. Unlike other glues, they're designed to keep fabric flexible and supple when applied to textiles. Spotlight's range includes fabric glue sticks, iron-on hemming tapes, fabric glue, fabric stiffener, press-on peel-and-stick adhesives and more! If you're short on time or don't have access to a sewing machine or hand-sewing needle, Spotlight's selection of fabric adhesives and glues are perfect for a variety of creative projects and repair jobs.

Discover A Range Of Projects & Uses For Fabric Adhesives

If you're wondering what fabric glue is used for, the answer is more uses that you think! Fabric adhesives and glues have a versatile range of applications across many different arts and crafts techniques. Here are just a few ideas to get your inspiration going:

  • Applique: Double-sided fusible adhesive sheets are a great way to create templates for applique quilting and clothing projects. Print your designs onto the sheets, then cut out the shapes and iron onto your fabric. Remove the paper backing to reveal the second sticky fusible side, then iron your motif onto your quilt, garment or bag. The motif edges can be left raw or sewn over for a neat finish.
  • Costumes: Let your creativity soar when making DIY costumes! Use fabric glue to adhere rhinestones or trims to garments, or create your own motifs as above. Using fabric adhesives and glues is a quick, easy and time-saving way to make unique costumes for any occasion.
  • Dressmaking & quilting: Fabric glues can also be used in conjunction with traditional sewing techniques. You can find fabric glue sticks at Spotlight that can be used in place of basting stitches. The glue will hold layers of fabric and zippers in place for ease of sewing, and can be removed with washing once you've completed your project.
  • Hemming & repair jobs: For an easy way to hem garments, choose an iron-on hemming tape! These narrow strips of adhesive are perfectly sized to create neat hems with no sewing required. You can also use fabric glue to bond rips and tears in a range of textiles around the home.

Fabric Glues & Adhesives FAQs

Can I sew through fabric glue?

Fabric glue can be stitched through, but there are a couple of points to keep in mind. If your project requires additional sewing to secure fabric layers after glue, make sure it is completely dry before taking to it with needle and thread. It's a good idea to apply the glue as sparingly as possible when you're planning on sewing through it. You can find non-stick sewing machine needles as well, which can help facilitate feeding the glued fabric through your sewing machine. This is also a great tip when stitching through applique motifs created with fabric adhesive.

How strong is fabric glue?

Fabric glues and adhesives are designed to be strong and flexible, without stiffening your fabrics. In most cases, they're just as strong as sewing, but this will depend on what fabrics you're using and what you're adhering to it. It's a good idea to test the glue with samples of your fabrics and trims to make sure it will do what you want it to.

How do I wash items with fabric glue on them?

Fabric glues are generally formulated to withstand machine washing and maintain a permanent bond. If in doubt, use the gentlest machine setting suitable for your fabric, or hand wash your creations to be safe. Make sure the fabrics you're using can be safely laundered as well before embarking on your project.

Shop Fabric Glues & Adhesives At Spotlight

Whether you're repairing a favourite soft toy, making a costume, creating applique or sewing a new outfit, Spotlight's selection of fabric glues and adhesives are sure to help! Perfect for a whole range of uses, fabric glue can save you time, effort and make your DIY projects easy to assemble. Explore our range of sewing tools & accessories for more handy implements for your fabric crafts - think measuring tapes and rulers, fabric markers, tracing tools and more! Shop the range in-store, or make your purchases online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. For some great inspiration, make sure you check out Spotlight's huge range of free sewing projects and quilting & patchwork projects online to get your creativity flowing!



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