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Serious crafters need to know their glues, because one glue is more suitable for certain crafts than others. To ensure you have the recommended glue for the task at hand, we recommend reading through our useful glue guide below.

What Is White Craft Glue?

One of the most common types of glue in existence is white craft glue. White craft glue is often used for light materials - this includes things such as paper and cardboard. It is also often used by children for a variety of school and home crafting projects.

To create white craft glue, manufacturers must use water as an ingredient. Naturally, this has benefits for the product in question. Since water is the carrier for this glue, white craft glue is quite easy to clean up and only contains low toxicity.

There are some downsides to white craft glue though, because some waiting time is required for the white craft glue to take. Since white craft glue has water as a carrier, it is also not resistant to water. Therefore, this type of glue is not suitable for projects where water resistance is required.

Despite the lack of water resistance, crafters can get quite creative with the glue itself. Crafters can add a bunch of other things, including dye and glitter, to create a decorative effect on any crafting project.

What Is Yellow Wood Glue?

Like white craft blue, yellow wood glue is also water-based. It also contains other ingredients that are commonly used in white craft glue - for example, vinyl acetate polymers.

Contrary to white craft glue, yellow wood glue is designer for heavier materials such as wood. The glue is also quite fast-drying, so crafters do not have to wait too long with this type of glue.

Despite the name of yellow wood glue, not all types of this glue have a yellow colour. There are also different subtypes of yellow wood glue, which each have their own benefits. Some of these benefits include additional waterproof properties, protection against colder temperatures, and sunlight resistance.

What Is Super Glue?

When you need a glue that dries incredibly fast, super glue might be the best option for you. The glue is clear and therefore dries clear, so it usually does not leave any marks on your crafting projects if used correctly.

Crafters who use super glue must consider that these types of glues can be a little more difficult to clean. Therefore, crafters should have some acetone on hand to clean up any glue spills that may occur.

Super glue can be used on various materials too, but this does depend on the subtype of super glue you obtain. Materials that can work with super glue include wood, metal, ceramic, leather, glass, and plastic.

What Is Fabric Glue?

As the name suggests, fabric glue is designed especially for fabrics. It can be used for delicate fabrics as well as heavyweight fabrics, leaving crafters with a suitable glue option for numerous garments and other crafting projects that may involve fabrics.

Fabric glue also comes in different types. You can come across the basic white fabric glue, but also so-called fabric glue rollers. The subtype used for crafters once again depends on the type of project you are working on.

Please note that not all types of fabric glue are water-resistant. If you intend to use fabric glue on fabric that might get washed, be sure to check the product description to see if the water resistance is present for that type of glue.

What Are Glue Sticks?

Most people remember glue sticks from their childhood, because this is a child's number one tool for their school projects and home crafting projects. Glue sticks can be used on cardboard, foam board, poster board, paper, and other lightweight materials.

We must mention there can be some differences between various glue stick brands. Each manufacturer has its own formula, and this can affect toxicity, ventilation, handling, and many other things related to the use of glue. Therefore, always check the details on glue sticks before you obtain any for your child's school supplies.

What Kind of Glues Can I Obtain at Spotlight?

Spotlight is one of Australia's leading suppliers of crafting supplies, so you can find many of the glues discussed here today. We also provide other crafting supplies though - this includes anything from fabrics to painting easels and scrapbooking supplies. To ensure you are aware of everything we can offer you, be sure to check out our catalogue today!



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