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Learn Everything You Need To Know About Cotton Fabrics

Cotton fabric is one of the most popular types of fabric out there. The reason why does not have to be searched for long, as cotton fabric is versatile and comes with a wide range of benefits. If you want to learn a bit more about the cotton fabric you are crafting with, be sure to read on.

Why Is Cotton So Popular Among Fabric Manufacturers?

There are a number of reasons why cotton is so popular among fabric manufacturers. However, one of the main reasons is its versatility. After all, this particular fabric fibre can be used to create a number of different fabric types. Denim, flannel, jersey, and countless other fabrics are all possible with a simple fabric fibre such as cotton.

In addition to an ability to make different fabrics, cotton also allows for easier printing. So, manufacturers that create fabrics with some fun designs and patterns are bound to appreciate the easy printing ability of pure cotton fabric fibres.

What Are The Cotton Benefits For Consumers?

Consumers also have a lot to take advantage of when it comes down to their cotton fabric. Firstly, cotton is incredibly soft and feels more comfortable than most other fabrics. It also does not cling to the skin, which means most people find cotton the most comfortable type of fabric for their garments.

Another major advantage of pure cotton is its durability. Because of the durability, any item made with cotton tends to be more resistant to ripping and tearing. However, you can get a fabric that is even more durable than that, more specifically by choosing a combination of cotton and polyester.

One of the few downsides of cotton fabric is that it does not dry quickly. As the fabric fibre has the ability to absorb moisture, it is not as suitable for activewear. That being said, if you do want to use the fabric for sportswear, always use a fabric blend. By blending cotton with another fabric fibre, the slow drying disadvantage can be remedied.

Why Should I Choose Cotton Over Polyester?

This is a common question because polyester does have numerous benefits over cotton. However, the opposite is true as well because cotton also has advantages over polyester. So, it is vital to be aware of these benefits when you choose your fabrics for a crafting project.

Cotton is more breathable than standard polyester, which can make the fabric more comfortable in warmer temperatures. It is also better for people with sensitive skin, as the softness of the round fabric fibre is unlikely to cause skin irritation and abrasions.

In addition to its gentleness on people's skin, cotton also has more resistance to wrinkling and fading compared to cotton. So, cotton could be considered as the more durable choice in that regard.

When Should I Choose Fabric Blends?

Fabric blends can be a great choice for two reasons. Firstly, it can be a more affordable option than pure cotton fabric, as it contains a more affordable fabric fibre in the form of polyester. On the other hand, some people look at blended fabrics because of the additional benefits they bring. For example, some people prefer to have a fabric that dries fast, but they want the softness of cotton at the same time. By choosing a fabric blend, they can have these benefits by using a single fabric.

How Do I Look After Cotton Fabric?

Cotton is a fabric fibre that can shrink upon repeated washes, so it is important to wash the fabric properly to avoid excessive shrinkage over time. To wash cotton properly, always put it on a cold temperature cycle in your washing machine. It is also important not to use too much laundry detergent, as this could cause more damage to the fabric over time. Instead, stick to the recommended amount provided by the laundry detergent manufacturer.

Most cotton fabrics are accompanied by a care label. So, while you will find some general care instructions online, always refer to the care label first and foremost. By following the guidelines on the label, you increase the lifespan of your fabric and ensure you get the most from it.

Cotton And Blended Cotton Fabrics

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