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Need fabric sheeting for your next quilting project? Why not take a look at the fabric sheeting collection currently available at Spotlight? Choose from a variety of materials and designs and find the most affordable yet high-quality fabric sheeting for the project you have in mind.

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Your Ultimate Guide To Fabric Sheeting

When you just start to browse the range of available fabrics, the term fabric sheeting may not mean much to you. However, it is an important fabric for a multitude of fabrics. Today, Spotlight elaborates on sheeting fabric and what you can do with it.

What Is Fabric Sheeting?

Fabric sheeting is basically a name for fabric that can be used to make bedding. In other words, it is a fabric that is wide enough to accommodate for single, double, queen, and king-sized beds, depending on your requirements.

Most types of fabric sheeting can be used for numerous things aside from regular fitted sheets and doona covers. It can also be used as a backing for quilting, which makes it interesting for a variety of crafts.

One of the interesting features about fabric sheeting is that it is commonly treated with a special flame-resistant coating. As such, these fabrics meet the guidelines for overall fire safety. However, do check if the fabric you are interested in is treated with this special coating, as there are some rare types of fabric sheeting that do not contain this special coating.

What Materials Are Used For Fabric Sheeting?

There are a number of fabric fibres that are deemed suitable for fabric sheeting, but some are more common than others. 100% cotton is one of the most common materials to be found in fabric sheeting. However, the typical polyester-cotton blend is also popular among crafters because of its affordability.

Naturally, the fabric fibres used in fabric sheeting does influence the characteristics of the fabric. Fabric sheeting made from 100% cotton tends to be more breathable than most other fabrics. However, this kind of fabric is also absorbent, which means it can absorb moisture. Fortunately, the combination of breathability and absorbency makes it an excellent pick for bedding and quilts.

The combination of polyester and cotton is the more affordable option in the world of fabric sheeting. This kind of combination also comes with benefits, as the material is more resistant to shrinking than 100% cotton. The addition of polyester to cotton also makes this type of fabric sheeting a bit more resistant to wrinkles.

How Can I Tell The Quality Of Fabric Sheeting?

As with most fabrics, there are some clear indicators of quality when it comes to fabric sheeting. The thread count is one of the most common indicators. Of course, if you have selected bedding from a store before, you also know that this is not the most important quality indicator.

A combination of weave, thread count and the overall material used for fabric sheeting are the perfect triangle of characteristics to determine quality. As for the range of thread count, most crafters find that a thread count between two-hundred and five hundred provides the most benefit. Still, some crafters have their own benefits, which can also be subject to budget.

What Finish Is Used For Fabric Sheeting?

Most manufacturers will use a special finish on fabric sheeting, which can contribute to its distinct look and feel. The finishing process used by manufacturers is often referred to as mercerizing. It basically means the manufacturer will use a caustic agent to make the material stronger, but also to make it easier to dye. A common example of a caustic agent used as a finish for fabric sheeting is sodium hydroxide.

Another process that can be used to finish fabric sheeting is singeing. The singeing finishing process basically burns small bits of the fabric fibres on the fabric. By doing so, it protects the overall fabric against common problems such as pilling.

While each of these finishing processes can be used individually by some fabric sheeting manufacturers, you will find that most fabric sheeting options were made with both of these processes. Evidently, this provides the maximum amount of protection for your fabric and this is also the most durable choice.

Fabric Sheeting At Spotlight

Spotlight provides suitable fabrics for all kinds of projects. This includes the collection of fabric sheeting, which is suitable for crafting projects such as quilt backs, curtain lining, tents, tablecloths, and any other project that need wider fabrics. Most fabric sheeting is quite affordable, so it is not uncommon for crafters to use this kind of fabric for test garments as well.

Since Spotlight has a big range of fabric sheeting, be sure to take full advantage of the available range today. Benefit from our low and affordable prices on these fabrics and bring your project to your successful end.



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