Hoops & Hangers

Fans of hand quilting will be familiar with quilting hoops. They ensure that you can free up both hands and do fine and detailed work on any size of quilted objects. Here at Spotlight, you can choose from quilting hoops in three different sizes. Also included in the range are quilt hangers. Available in various widths, these decorative hangers will allow you to display a homemade quilted object in style. Available with a circle design and a star design.

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Hand quilting

Quilting is something many cultures around the world have been doing for centuries.

These days we have a selection of tools to help us create stunning, unique quilts. We can use normal sewing machines if we want especially for smaller, lightweight quilts, or special quilting machines such as the Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Machine help particularly to sew larger, bulkier quilts.

At Spotlight we have all the equipment needed for you to make beautiful, quilted creations, each and every one unique in its own way. We also stock a range of accessories to make the job easier, such as cutting tools, mats, rulers and more.

While sewing or quilting machines can make the sewing process quicker and easier, some quilters prefer hand quilting - the traditional method used by our ancestors. If you want to quilt by hand, you will need a quilting hoop.

What is a quilting hoop?

A quilting hoop is an essential tool for hand quilters. It is designed to hold the fabric in place while you hand stitch your fabric.

Our Arbee Arb Quilting Hoop is made of natural wood and comes in three different sizes. A wood hoop has more strength and less flexibility than a plastic hoop which is ideal for thicker quilts. The tension-adjusting screw is simple to use and allows you to pull your quilt fabric as tight or as relaxed as you prefer when hand stitching your fabric pieces.

Do Spotlight sell needles suitable for hand quilting?

Yes, at Spotlight we have a range of top quality brands supplying quilting needles. German-made Schmetz specialised quilting needles come in a pack of five needles in different sizes. Popular quilting brand Birch have packs of twelve quilting needles and we also stock John James Quilting needles which come in a handy pouch.

Hanging your quilts

Gorgeous hand-made quilts are not just something to keep you warm but unique, handcrafted works of art. Quilts are a popular form of wall art and are an on-trend accessory in many homes often replacing traditional artworks.

The variety of colours, textures and themes integrated into quilts means they make fabulous, versatile wall hangings able to brighten up a wall in any home or business. They are the perfect form of decoration for a bedroom wall, and look equally amazing displayed in living rooms or offices.

As wall art, a light wooden frame affixed to the back of the quilt may help to hang it evenly, or for small quilts a special quilt hanger does the job with ease.

Does Spotlight sell hangers for quilts?

Yes, Spotlight sell the Circle Quilt Hanger featuring a beautiful circular design to display your handicraft with flair. Made of wood and black-painted metal, the Circle Quilt Hanger comes in three different sizes, 12, 18 and 24 inches, to hang quilts of varying sizes and thicknesses.

Also available in three sizes and made of wood and black-painted metal is the Star Quilt Hanger - ready to display your quilted masterpiece with the star quality it deserves!

When you've decided to give your quilted work of art pride of place hanging on a wall in your home or office, make the job easier with one of Spotlight's decorative quilt hangers.



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