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Choosing the right fabric for your project is important, whether you buy pre-cut fabrics or quilting panels. To help you choose the right fabric, it is certainly recommended to be familiar with various fabric fibres. If you want to learn more about popular fabric fibres used in quilting panels and quilting fabrics, be sure to read our overview below.

What Is Cotton Fabric?

One of the most popular material fibres for fabrics is cotton. Cotton is natural fibre, which means it occurs in nature. It is obtained by the cotton plant, and then processed into a fibre to use in common fabrics.

There are different ways to turn cotton into a fabric, since the fibre can be knit or woven into cloth. There are also different types of weaves, which give the fabric an entirely different look. Before you choose a fabric, be sure to check the weave to determine how durable the material is, or how easy it is to work with.

What Is Linen Fabric?

Even though less common in the world of quilting, linen is also a suitable quilting material. Like cotton, linen is a natural fabric fibre.

To create linen, manufacturers must obtain fibres from the flax plant. The manufacturing process of linen fabric is a lot more strenuous, which explains why most linen fabrics are usually more expensive than cotton fabrics.

Of course, linen is a material that does come with some benefits, so the lengthy manufacturing process is certainly worth it. Linen is quite absorbent, which means it is less susceptible to humid environments and liquids.

When you start looking at quilting materials, it is not uncommon to find a combination of linen and cotton. So, if you like the durability of cotton and the absorbency of linen, then we suggest a fabric that consists of this blend.

What Is Muslin Fabric?

Muslin is another fabric type that is used a lot in quilting. The material is made from cotton, but must have a plain weave to be named as muslin.

Most muslin fabrics are quite affordable, so they are used in a variety of sewing projects. Aside from dressmaking, muslin is used as a lining in quilting projects as well as a backing.

We often recommend muslin fabric for beginners. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, muslin is extremely affordable, so it is not as bad when you make a mistake in your project. Secondly, the material is made from cotton, so it still provides good durability for quilting.

What Is Batik Fabric?

One type of fabric that is extremely popular for quilting at this time is Batik fabric. Batik is a term that refers to a specific technique used during the production of the fabric



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