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Quilting for Kids: Discover Some Amazing Quilting Projects Today!

Quilting is a popular craft amongst adults, but children can partake in this craft too. Of course, not all quilting projects are suitable for children, so it is essential to keep things simple and fun.

To ensure children can have fun with quilting too, we have created a guide with some fun quilting projects for kids. So, if you are looking to involve your kids into your next project, be sure to check out our quilting projects for children below.

What Is the First Quilting Project for Kids You Can Recommend?

One of our recommended quilting projects for children is the quilted potholder. Potholders can always be used in the household, so you will be creating something fun and functional.

To create quilted potholders, you will need:

  • 9 pieces of 7 cm fabric squares (to make your potholder stand out, we recommend 5 pieces in one design and four pieces in a different design) -
  • 1 piece of 25 cm fabric -
  • 20-centimetre matting -
  • A needle -
  • Quilting thread.

At the start of the project, start by sewing a row of three squares. Continue until you have three separate sewn rows. Then, sew all the rows together.

Once you have your sewn rows, put the matting on the 25-cm fabric. Put the quilted squares on top and make sure they are centred. Fold the edges of the 25-cm fabric to create a frame. Then, sew the frame into its place.

What Is the Second Quilting Project for Kids You Can Recommend?

Applique templates are another great way to teach children how to quilt. You can also be quite creative with applique templates and design something that your children will love.

For an applique project, you will need:

  • A quilt block of 15 centimetres -
  • Applique templates of your choice -
  • Several pieces of fabric from Spotlight -
  • A needle -
  • Cotton thread.

Before children can use the applique method, we recommend designing the templates yourself. Simply draw some simple shapes and transfer them onto the fabric to cut out. Then, show the children how to add these templates to the block with an easy stitch. Good examples of templates suitable for children include a moon, stars, sun, clouds, big circles, and similar simple shapes.

What Is the Third Quilting Project for Kids You Can Recommend?

Our third recommendation is an applique project too, but instead of quilting on a quilting block, the quilting will be done on a pillow.

For the pillow applique project, you will need:

  • A plain pillowcase or pillow cover (any colour will do) -
  • Fabric pieces from Spotlight to acquire your templates for the applique -
  • Several template designs -
  • A needle
  • Cotton thread.

For this project, you can choose to cut out the templates from the fabric yourself, or let the kids try. We do recommend drawing out the templates on the fabric yourself - this to make sure you don't lose too much fabric.

Once the templates are cut out, your child can add them to a pillowcase or a pillow cover with a needle and cotton thread. Before they start, it is usually a good idea to set up the needle yourself, since this requires some patients and expert fine motor skills.

What Is the Fourth Quilting Project for Kids You Can Recommend?

Our next suggestion is a brilliant option for mums who are expecting another child, because this project helps the child welcome the new baby into the family. This project is a monogrammed quilt, and will surely prove useful after the arrival of the new tot.

To create the monogrammed quilt, you will require:

  • A quilt with a size between 100 centimetres and 140 centimetres -
  • Fabric letters (these can be cut out from fabric obtained at Spotlight -
  • A needle -
  • Cotton thread.

The letters will be applied to the quilt with the applique technique, which is the same technique mentioned in the previous projects. However, before the child gets started on the quilt, it is a good idea to cut out the fabric letters yourself - this avoids any ruffled edges or other problems. Once the letters are cut, you can apply them together with needle and thread. Afterwards, you will have a lovely baby quilt.

Can I Find Quilting Supplies Suitable for Children at Spotlight?

Spotlight is one of Australia's leading retailers for quilting supplies. In addition to providing quilting supplies for adults, we provide plenty of quilting supplies for children as well. We must mention that adult supervision is recommended for quilting, so never leave your child unattended with any quilting supplies.

Do you have any questions about quilting supplies for children? Or could you use some suggestions for a children's quilting project? For more information and some assistance for your quilting project, please contact the quilting team at Spotlight for some help.



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