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Choosing The Best Quilting Fabric For Your Project

Spotlight delivers some amazing quilting fabrics, but how do you choose the best quilting fabric for your project? And what are some of the things you need to know when you just start out with quilting? Here is everything you need to know.

Which Type Of Quilting Fabric Provides The Best Quality?

Cotton is by far the recommended material for quilting, but that does not mean it is your only option. 100% cotton is considered as the standard in the world of quilting, so this particular option is used by beginners as well as experienced quilters alike.

Of course, there are some other options out there for your quilting projects. If you become more proficient, you can expand your quilting fabrics options to linen, decorating fabric, flannel, and even voile.

What Is Quilting Cotton?

There is a difference between regular cotton fabric and quilting cotton. In fact, quilting cotton is the special fabric that is used for quilt construction specifically. As the name suggests, this fabric is made from 100% cotton and has a plain weave.

Quilting cotton has a medium weight, which is ideal for items such as quilts. Fabrics such as quilting cotton are also quite affordable, which means most people can start with quilting for a minimal investment.

What Are The Characteristics Of Good Quilting Fabric?

Crafters can look at a number of things to determine the quality of their quilting fabric. One of the main things people will look at is thread count. While thread count is an indicator of quality, it is not the only indicator.

As a general rule, higher thread counts tend to provide smoother results with a longer lifespan. Of course, do not forget to consider other variables that point to premium quality. Additional factors to consider include the source fabric fibre, dye methods, and more.

Is There A Difference Between Broadcloth And Quilting Cotton?

Both broadcloth and quilting cotton can have a medium weight, and that can cause some confusion among crafters. However, these fabrics are used for quite different things.

Broadcloth can be made with a variety of materials. These materials include cotton, silk, and even wool. This material is known for its unique velvety structure and feel, which is why tailors often use it as a suit fabric. Compared to quilters cotton, it has a looser weave and often a lower thread count.

Why Is Thread Count Important For Quilting Cotton?

When you look at bed linen, you already know that thread count plays a role, but that it is not the most important factor. However, thread count is a little more important for quilting cotton. As mentioned earlier, while it is not the most important factor, it can be an important factor to determine quilter's cotton quality.

One way to check quilters cotton is to hold it up against the light. If too much light makes it through the fabric, it means that your fabric has a looser weave. This is not recommended for quilting cotton and could be an indicator of a low-quality fabric.

When a fabric has a lower thread count, it is more likely that the fabric fibres will break. Quilts need to stand the test of time, so breaking fabric fibres is the last thing you need.

What About Batting Or Filler?

Many crafters discuss their quilting cotton fabrics in great detail, but often forget about the batting and the filling material. Obviously, this is just as important as your fabric, as the incorrect batting can ruin a quilt in a heartbeat.

When looking for batting, it is often a good idea to choose batting in the same material as your fabric. For cotton fabric, that means you would need cotton batting.

Fortunately, there are plenty of quality batting options available at Spotlight. Quilters can find everything they need at Spotlight, and all for amazing prices.

Exquisite Designer Quilting Fabric At Spotlight

When you are looking for quilting fabrics of the highest quality, you will find what you are looking for in our range of designer quilting fabrics. Of course, these are not your only options when you shop at Spotlight, as there are many quilting fabrics to be found in our catalogue.

In addition to fabrics, crafters can count on other supplies too - this includes manual sewing needles, sewing machines, thread, and all other crafting supplies you could possibly need for a quilting project. Check out the catalogue right now to uncover great deals.



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