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Common Questions About Quilting Fabrics Answered

The range of quilting fabrics at Spotlight is one of the most popular sections. As many people love quilting projects and its associated techniques, it is no wonder that this section of the Spotlight catalogue is much sought after.

If you are quilting for the first time, you may have some questions about quilting fabric. So, without further ado, here are some of the common questions about quilting fabrics answered.

What Is The Recommended Quilting Fabric For Most Projects?

The recommended quilting fabric for most crafters is quilted cotton fabric. This kind of fabric has a medium weight and shrinks considerably less than regular cotton fabrics. Just make sure to look for quilted cotton fabric opposed to regular cotton fabric.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Fabric and Quilting Fabric?

While you may not notice much difference upon first glance, there is a big difference between regular fabric and quilter's fabric. That being said, the latter can be used for apparel.

The reason why quilter's fabric is recommended for quilting projects is the stiffness of the material, something regular cotton material does not have. As the material is quite stiff, it does not drape in the same way as regular cotton.

Does Quilter's Fabric Need To Be Prewashed Before Quilting?

Yes. Spotlight recommends that most quilting fabrics are washed before you start sewing. Most fabrics tend to shrink upon their first wash, which is a problem you want to avoid once you have constructed your quilt. Secondly, colour bleeding can happen as well upon first wash, so you want to avoid this once your quilt is done too.

Good quality quilting cotton will only shrink by 3 to 5%. Having said that, there can be small variations, depending on the manufacturer and the overall source of the cotton. Because of the shrinkage that can occur, Spotlight always recommends buying a little more fabric than what you actually need could prove remarkably useful.

Keep in mind that certain colours are more likely to bleed than others as well. This is mainly the case for "highly saturated" colours such as red, purple, dark blue, and green.

Can I Mix Different Fabrics In The Same Quilt?

Sure. You can use different designs and colours in the same quilt. In fact, some of the most beautiful designs often include more than two different colours or prints.

While you can use different fabrics, Spotlight does not recommend using different fabric types. In other words, if one fabric is quilting cotton, make sure the other fabric is quilting cotton as well. The reason for that is to ensure even wear and tear. If you use two different fabrics, one may show signs of wear and tear before the other.

The same applies for the thread you use for your project. If you use a cotton thread for example, then you can make sure that all the material will show signs of wear in the same manner.

Do I Need A Sewing Machine To Work With Quilting Fabrics?

No. In fact, hand quilting has been around a lot longer than machine quilting. If you have an interest in the craft, this means you do not necessarily need a quilter's sewing machine to bring our project to a successful end.

At Spotlight, you can find all the supplies you need for hand quilting. Keep in mind that the needles and the accompanying accessories will be subject on the fabric you use. Some fabric will require thinner needles, while others need something a bit sturdier.

What Is the Difference Between Quilting And Patchwork?

Quilting is basically sewing together three layers of fabric, with the batting in the middle. Patchwork on the other hand, is creating a block out fabric out of smaller fabric pieces.

Obviously, the distinction between patchwork and quilting is not always clear. In fact, the terms are often used interchangeably, so it not unusual for crafters to refer to quilting as patchwork and vice versa.

Finding The Perfect Fit At Spotlight

Whether you need quilting fabrics or other supplies to make a quilting project, you can find everything you need right here at Spotlight. From our section with Animals & Birds Quilting Fabric to quilted cotton, batting, and dedicated sewing machines for quilters, there is no limit to the supplies that can be obtained. Of course, you can also count on extremely sharp prices, which means you can create an amazing and bold project without breaking the bank. So, why not check out the collection right now?



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