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Spotlight offers a great range of safety pins and nappy pins for your upcoming sewing project. Shop the extensive collection online or in-store today!

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Find All The Safety Pins You Need At Spotlight

You can sew with confidence using any of the quality safety pins from the range at Spotlight! Our classic, nappy and quilting safety pins are perfect for quickly pinning sewing materials together without the worry of sharp edges sticking out and are easy to use even for beginner sewists.

At Spotlight, you can find a great range of quality safety pins to choose from, in handy value packs that ensure you'll have plenty of safety pins to work with.

What kinds of safety pins are there?

You can find three different kinds of safety pins at Spotlight, including:

  • Stainless steel safety pins: The quintessential safety pins are your classic stainless steel safety pins that come in bulk packs. Whether you've had a minor wardrobe malfunction or need a little staying power in your current sewing project, safety pins are a must-have for all sewists! Beginner sewists should always start their collection with a pack of bulk safety pins.
  • Nappy pins: These cute pins are designed for use on baby's nappies and clothes. Not only do they come in super cute colours, but they lock shut so there's no fear of them accidentally opening.
  • Blanket pins: These extra-large blanket pins are ideal for pinning thick materials together, and are most commonly used for pinning a blanket together so you can wear it like a shawl. Blanket pins, sometimes called wool blanket pins, are great to take when camping or for using when making a garment that uses very thick materials.

You can find safety pins in silver, gold and black colours, and there are even rainbow packs available if you want a little more fun in your sewing projects! Look to renowned brands like Semco and Birch for quality safety pins you can rely on.

Safety pin FAQs

What is a safety pin?

A safety pin is a metal pin with a spring base and capped top that prevents the sharp tip of the needle from being exposed when in use. They are usually made of stainless steel and are silver, but can come in a rainbow of colours. The needle tip can be removed from the cap by gently squeezing the body of the needle until the tip pops free.

What can I use safety pins for?

Safety pins are commonly used in dressmaking to quickly piece materials together, but can also be used to temporarily hold a garment together on the fly when you're out and about. Larger safety pins are often used to turn a blanket into a cape if you want to wear one around in cold weather.

What are nappy pins?

Nappy pins are special safety pins that can 'lock', so there's no chance of them coming undone accidentally. Nappy safety pins are used to hold cloth nappies together or to keep a swaddled blanket closed. They often come in bright colours so they're easy to see.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find so many useful types of pins and pin accessories at Spotlight, including:

  • Needles: Find the perfect hand sewing and sewing machine needles here! Our needles come in a huge range of sizes and shapes and are available in single and multi-packs.
  • Pins: Our colourful head pins are a common sight in many sewist's kits, and for good reason! Quickly pin materials together when sewing or quilting to keep them in place while you work. Their colourful heads ensure you can always find them when dropped.
  • Pin cushions: Keep your pins in place with any of our handy pin cushions! We've got traditional fabric pin cushions in all sorts of cute shapes as well as magnetic pin holders that you can rely on to keep your needles where you left them.

Browse our full range of needles and pins online or in-store today!

Find the right safety pins at Spotlight

Grab your sewing pins now from Spotlight! Shop the haberdashery range online, pay your way and get your safety pins home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store to choose your safety pins in person.

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