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Explaining The Different Types Of Buttons

Spotlight has a huge range of buttons in their multipacks, so crafters can get the buttons they need for the most attractive prices possible. But what are the different types of buttons you can encounter? Read on to find out!

What Are Flat Buttons?

These kinds of buttons are the most common ones you will encounter. As the name suggests, these buttons have a flat appearance and usually contain two to four holes. They are attached by hand or with a sewing machine and usually require finer sewing thread.

Flat buttons can be made from a variety of materials, this ranges from plastic and wood to glass and ceramics. As a result, these flat buttons can work on casual as well as formal attire.

Crafters can also use flat buttons for their affordability. Depending on the material they are made of, you will find that flat buttons are much cheaper than the other types of buttons in this overview.

What Are Hook And Eye Fasteners?

Hook and eye fasteners look quite different than the standard flat button. This type of fastener consists of a hook on one side and an eye fixture on the other, which the hooks clips into.

While hook and eye fasteners are not as common as standard flat buttons, they can be quite affordable and are easy to work with for beginners. They are also suitable for garments of different sizes, this includes even homemade headbands. So, most crafters have some of these fasteners in their personal collection.

Please note that most hook and eye fasteners are only suitable for casual garments. So, limit the use of these fasteners to casual clothing and choose affordable flat buttons if you want to fasten formal garments for a more affordable price.

What Are Lapel Buttons?

When you take a quick look at lapel buttons, you will recognise them immediately. After all, lapel buttons have quite the distinctive appearance. They are usually made from a metal and contain a logo or another distinguishable design that makes them extra special.

Lapel buttons are a popular choice amongst politicians, as they can be used to print their own promotional logo or show their support for their current party by having that characteristic design on them. They are also suitable for formal attire in general, as lapel buttons immediately give formal attire a more distinguished appearance.

While you might believe lapel buttons are quite expensive, this is actually not the case. It is true that some lapel buttons can be quite expensive, but this is often due to the fact they are made with more expensive materials such as genuine gold. Fortunately, you can find lapel buttons made from more affordable metals.

What Are Shank Buttons?

The shank button is also a popular fastener and can be recognised quite easily. This type of button is characterised by a flat surface and a small loop or hole underneath. The latter is usually made from a metal, ensuring durability while keeping the rest of the button as light as possible.

One of the things to remember about shank buttons is that they do not lay flat on a garment. Evidently, this makes it much more difficult to sew them on, this includes by sewing machine and also by hand. To avoid problems, it is always best to gain some experience in sewing before you attempt to work with shank buttons.

What Are Snap Buttons?

Snap buttons are quite popular among children, mainly the plastic ones. Like hook and eye fasteners they consist of two parts, and both are sewn into the garment. They usually consist of a circle with a hole on one side and a pin with a round surface on the other, which fit together.

Some of the fancier snaps are made with metals, including silver and gold. You can also find these in stainless steel, which make an affordable choice for adult garments. However, if you wish to use these on children's clothing, we recommend the plastic options. The metal options can take a little more force to open and close, so they might be too difficult for a young child to work with. The plastic option are a bit friendlier where force is concerned, and they come in some incredible colours too. Plastic snap buttons are just as durable as the metal options as well, so you do not have to worry about a lack of durability on children's garments.



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