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Cotton is a material that is versatile, hypoallergenic and strong. Explore the exquisite range of cotton bias binding at Spotlight online or in-store!

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Do Not Miss The Facts On Bias Binding And Tape

Crafters who work with bias tape and binding for the first time are often a little confused. Of course, this is no surprise when you look at all the little facts surrounding this sewing accessory. If you are still in the dark where bias binding and tape is concerned, why not check out the beginner's guide created by Spotlight below?

What Is Bias Tape And Why Is It Used?

The term bias tape may sound quite confusing, but its overall principle is really simple. In fact, bias binding or tape is nothing more than a long strip of fabric that has been cut at a 45-degree angle.

Manufacturers will cut bias tape at a 45-degree angle for a specific reason, more specifically to achieve the highest mechanical stretch. The result is a material that is quite flexible and that can easily go around areas such as armholes and the neckline of constructed garments.

What Are The Various Types Of Bias Tape?

There are plenty of options when it comes to bias tape, this includes single fold bias, wide single fold, double fold, and wide double fold. While these terms may not mean much, they are simple to explain. Basically, the single fold bias has been folded by the manufacturer once. Double bias fold has been folded one more time. It is really that simple.

Obviously, the wider bias tape options are a little wider between the folds compared to single bias tape or binding. So, if you need some additional support in a garment, this could be the better option for you.

Which Fabrics Are Used To Make Bias Tape And Binding?

When you take a quick look at the collection of bias tape and binding in Spotlight's collection, you will notice that there is an endless amount of options where fabric type is concerned. It is possible to create bias tape from any given material, although some are more suitable than others.

A good fabric for binding will be a lightweight fabric that has some degree of flexibility. Cotton is a good example. Cotton is lightweight but is also strong and has good mechanical stretch when cut at 45 degrees.

Please note that the lightest fabrics are not necessarily the best bias binding. Some fabrics can be too lightweight or drapey, which can be much harder to work with. However, it does not mean you cannot make any bias tape or binding from these materials. It does mean that you do need a considerable amount of skill to pull it off. So, if you are a beginner making bias binding for the first time, it is best to stick with some basic cotton.

Spotlight provides an extensive collection of cotton bias binding and tape, which are the recommended choice for beginners. Of course, even experienced dressmakers tend to use our range of cotton bias binding. Still, if you are looking for something different than cotton, you can take a look in the rest of our bias binding and tape catalogue. You are bound to find some other options that meet your specific requirements.

How Do I Bind Armholes Or Necklines?

To use your bias binding, you will need some basic supplies. Obviously, you will need your bias binding. You will also need some pins to keep the binding in place while you sew. You can sew bias binding by hand or with a sewing machine, depending on which carries your personal preference.

Crafters can usually find detailed instructions on how to sew in their bias binding in their dressmaking patterns. As you may expect, there can be different techniques to binding, so you will find some interesting information depending on the pattern you use. There are also some online tutorials that provide some interesting insights, which are more than worth watching if you are looking to master this skill.

Finding The Perfect Bias Binding And Tape At Spotlight

As briefly mentioned already, Spotlight has a huge range of bias binding and tape, suitable for a variety of different projects. Since we have such a large range, you will have little problems finding the correct bias binding width. In addition to that, you can also find novelty options in the collection, this includes bias tape that has been embellished with metallic thread. Evidently, this gives you some great options for your novelty projects.

Discover all the bias binding and tape options currently available at Spotlight by checking out the full bias binding collection!



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