If you are looking for sheeting, Spotlight has the answer! In this range, you will find 00% cotton fabric in various colours including white, natural and black, which will enable you to make your own bed sheets and matching pillowcases. With a width of 240 cm, you will be able to make all sizes of sheets, pillows or even duvet covers to your exact requirements.

Also included in the range are sheets of white plastic that can be used around the house or for a range of craft projects, measuring 32 x 47 cm each

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Can I purchase sheeting at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight sticks sheeting fabric by the metre, allowing you to make your own sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers at home. Sheeting fabric can also be used for backing items such as quilts or bedspreads, as its extra wide size means you do not have unsightly seams or joins on show. It can also be used for drapes, backdrops, theatrical costumes and more.

What type of sheeting fabric is available at Spotlight?

The sheeting fabric at Spotlight is made from 100% cotton, which offers comfort and breathability and is ideal for making luxury bedding. The fabric comes in widths of 240 cm (wide enough to cover a king-size bed) and is available in white, egret (a soft, oyster-like colour), and black. If you want to create different colours, white sheeting fabric can be treated with textile dyes, or you can create embroidery around the edges of your sheets and pillowcases either by hand or by using your sewing machine.

Does Spotlight sell other types of fabric too?

Yes, you will be delighted with the huge selection of materials available at Spotlight. The range includes dressmaking and tailoring fabrics, general purpose fabrics, curtain and blind fabrics, upholstery fabrics, craft fabrics, pre-cut fabrics and weatherproofed fabrics in a huge choice of colours, styles and designs. Browse the range today to be inspired by the many fabrics on offer, all available by the metre at great prices.

What else is included in the sheeting range at Spotlight?

You can also find plastic sheeting in this range. Plastic sheeting is available in pre-cut pieces that measure 32 x 47 cm in size, and with a handy grid sheet stuck on the back (that can be peeled off) it is simple to cut the sheeting into smaller pieces for a number of craft and DIY projects.



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