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What Are The Best Decorator Fabrics To Use For Home Improvement Projects?

Decorator fabrics can be used for a variety of things. You can use them to create new upholstery for outdated furniture pieces, but also use it to create home decorations. Decorator fabrics can be made with various materials too, which influence the properties of your fabric. If you are curious about the different fabrics that can be used as decorator fabric, be sure to read on.

What Are The Benefits Of Linen Decorator Fabrics?

Linen decorator fabrics is commonly used by crafters who want to create a formal and fancy look for their furniture pieces. Linen has quite the formal look and is luxurious to boot, so there are many applications for home improvement.

Unfortunately, the maintenance of linen decorator fabric can be somewhat difficult. It is not as durable as some other upholstery fabrics and is quite prone to wrinkling. Therefore, the use of linen decorator fabric is not recommended in homes with children or pets.

What Are The Benefits Of Leather Decorator Fabrics?

Leather is a popular material for furnishings, so it is no surprise that this is one of the most popular decorator fabrics out there. Leather looks luxurious and can easily be maintained with a damp cloth. A regular leather conditioner will also keep the leather looking clean and pristine.

The downside of leather decorator fabric is that the material can be more difficult to work with for beginners. It also requires a heavy-duty sewing machine, so if you do want to use leather decorator fabric, always make sure you have the right equipment available.

What Are The Benefits Of Cotton Decorator Fabrics?

When you are looking for a good all-round decorator fabric, cotton decorator fabric will meet that description. Cotton fabric fibres have excellent resistance against premature wear and tear, fading and piling, this provides enough durability for most households.

With cotton decorator fabrics, we must mention that the durability of your fabric can be determined by the weave. Finishes can also influence the quality of your cotton decorator fabric, so these are things to check before obtaining them for your project.

In addition to pure cotton decorator fabrics, you can also choose a cotton and synthetic blend. This blend is the most durable out of the bunch, as it is easier to maintain than pure cotton. Cotton and synthetic blends can also withstand a lot of use, perfect for a home with pets and children.

What Are The Benefits Of Wool Decorator Fabrics?

Wool is a material that has similar benefits to cotton, as it also has a good resistance against piling and fading. The downside to pure wool is that it is quite similar to linen, because it can be more difficult to maintain. That being said, most manufacturers now provide a wool and synthetic blend, this means you can benefit from the positive qualities of wool and the easy maintenance of synthetic fabrics at the same time.

When you choose pure wool, remember that over time the material can begin to look like felt, this due to the fact that wool fabric fibres can merge together over time, especially when coming into contact with moisture and continuous pressure. Therefore, if you use wool decorator fabric for upholstery, it is always best to choose the wool/synthetic blend.

What Are The Benefits Of Vinyl Decorator Fabrics?

Vinyl decorator fabrics are extremely strong and therefore suitable for homes with children and pets. However, quality is important when it comes down to vinyl decorator fabrics. If you choose a low-quality vinyl, then the durability may not be what you want it to be. Of course, this applies to all decorator fabrics out there.

Choosing Decorator Fabrics From Spotlight

Spotlight provides a great range of decorator fabrics, which you can use for all your home improvement projects. We provide decorator fabrics in different materials as well as various colours and designs, so we are sure you will find a decorator fabric that matches your criteria.

Please note that Spotlight provides more than just a selection of decorator fabrics, since we also provide fabrics for other crafts. Our range of fabrics are available for the best prices in Australia, so be sure to check out the selection available to you.



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