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Textured cotton can be an incredibly interesting material to work with. Browse textured cotton fabrics in many colours and designs at Spotlight today!

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What You Need To Know About Textured Cotton

As mentioned in the top of this catalogue, textured cotton is quite the interesting material to work with. If you have never worked with this material before, Spotlight recommends reading through the information below.

What Is Cotton Fabric?

You may already be aware of the fact that cotton is one of the most-used fabrics worldwide. The entire fabric is made from a natural material, as the fabric fibres are harvested directly from a cotton plant. In other words, no harsh chemicals are needed to create this material.

Cotton has been around for a long time. Historians found the earliest reference to cotton dating back to 5000BC. The discovery was made in Rakhigarhi and Mehrgarh in India, from which it is believed the material originated from.

Of course, the earliest historical reference is a rough estimate at this point. Many believe cotton has been around for much longer than can be historically proven. And unsurprisingly, the material is still remarkably popular in this day and age.

What Is Textured Cotton?

If you never heard the name textured cotton before, you might have heard the name crinkle cotton. This is an alternative term to textured cotton, which refers to a cotton fabric with a raised or creased texture.

Textures can add a bit of drama to any project, so this is exactly why some textured cotton can prove incredibly interesting. They can be used for quilts, but also home decoration projects that will stand the test of time.

What Is Fabric Texture?

When crafters speak about fabric texture, they talk about the overall appearance and the feel of a fabric. It can refer to the thickness, but also to how soft or rough a material feels like. Evidently, this means that texture can be described in many different ways.

What Are Other Types Of Cotton Fabrics?

Aside from textured cotton, there are countless cotton fabric types out there. If you are not that familiar with cotton variations, here are some interesting options you can find in the Spotlight catalogue.

Cotton jersey: Cotton jersey fabric is renowned across the world because of its natural stretch and its soft feel. Because of these properties, cotton jersey is remarkably popular for t-shirts and tops. In fact, they create some of the most comfortable options.

Cotton poplin: One of the fabrics you will often encounter at Spotlight is cotton poplin. This material has a relatively plain weave and a light weight. Because of its lightweight nature, it makes a brilliant choice for dresses, sportswear and even raincoats. Obviously, this also makes poplin one of the more versatile fabrics in existence today.

Chambray: If you like the look of denim, but feel a little restricted in denim clothing, you could take a look at chambray instead. Chambray is a lot thinner than denim, but also has a bit more stretch. As a result, it is less restrictive than denim and more suitable for summer clothing.

Brushed cotton: One of the favourite materials of many people is brushed cotton. This material is popular for a reason, as it delivers some of the most comfortable bed linen and pyjamas. So, if this is the project you have in mind, you cannot miss out on Spotlight's brushed cotton deals.

Cotton drill: This is one of the strongest and most durable cotton fabrics. Because of its strength, it is most often used for clothing where extreme durability is needed such as work uniforms. While they are less comfortable than the softer cotton options, they do have sufficient comfort to enable long-term wearing.

Seersucker cotton: Now this is a fabric that is not that widely known, even though it provides so many benefits. This is the perfect fabric for anyone searching for a cotton fabric that is lightweight as well as extremely resistant to wrinkles. In other words, this is a fabric where you do not have to worry about maintenance.

Check Out Spotlight's Full Range Of Cotton Fabrics

The range of textured fabrics in this section of the Spotlight catalogue is just one of many. Spotlight offers a full range of cotton fabrics - this also includes cotton blends such as polycotton. So, no matter what kind of cotton fabric you are searching for, you are bound to find it at Spotlight.

In addition to cotton, be sure to check out the other fabrics available at Spotlight. We offer the best prices around, so we are sure you can pick up an amazing deal!



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