Cotton sateen fabric & material are woven in the same way as traditional satin, creating a smooth & dense fabric. Shop sateen fabric at Spotlight now!

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Can I purchase cotton sateen fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! Cotton sateen is a type of fabric that is woven in the same way as traditional satin. This means the threads are mostly on one side of the fabric, giving it its smooth look and creating a dense, smooth fabric. Mercerised cotton, used in the manufacture of sateen fabric, makes the fabric strong, easy to dye and provides a soft sheen. It often has a small amount of elastane added to provide the fabric with a light stretching quality.

Is sateen the same as satin?

No, it is not. Sateen may have a satin-smooth finish, but it is not the same as satin. Sateen is normally made of cotton, while satin is usually made of silk. Because it is made from cotton, it is much cheaper than silk satin. It is also more durable and can be washed in the machine. Sateen is available in various weights and is often used for dressmaking, home decor, or as lining material. It is often used for bedding like sheets and pillowcases, and the heavier fabrics are also ideal for making bedspreads.

How do I care for cotton sateen fabric?

Cotton sateen can be treated like ordinary cotton fabric and is in most cases washable in the machine. As it has a distinct shiny side and is matt on the other side, take care when sewing to ensure that all your pieces are cut with the right side up. Cotton sateen can be tumble dried and ironed, unless otherwise indicated on individual product labels.

Is cotton sateen available in different styles?

Yes, here at Spotlight we stock cotton sateen in plain colours as well as in numerous designs and patterns, allowing you to mix and match if required. Many of the designs are floral but there are also pretty animals, fruits and abstract designs to choose from.

Does Spotlight sell other types of fabric too?

Yes, cotton sateen is only one of the huge number of different fabrics on offer here at Spotlight. Whether you are looking for dressmaking fabric, interior fabric, craft fabric or general-purpose fabric, you will find it all here available by the metre, as well as pre-cut fabrics for quilting, and specialist fabrics including nets and tulle, faux fur and faux suede, and many other types of material to choose from. Browse the whole range of fabrics today, and don't forget to have a look at the equipment, tools, accessories and sewing essentials on offer too, as well as patterns and much more.



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