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Can I purchase linen and linen blend fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Linen is a classic, natural fabric, originally made from the fibres of the flax plant. These days, other types of loosely woven fabrics are also sometimes referred to as linen, or as linen-blends. The loose weave of linen and linen blends makes it a very comfortable fabric to wear in hot climates. Here at Spotlight, our collection of linens includes plain, embroidered and printed linens in different colours and traditional as well as modern designs, including florals and geometric prints.

What is the difference between cotton and linen?

Cotton and linen are two terms that are often confused. To make matters worse, household textiles such as sheets and towels, which are more often than not made from cotton, are often referred to as linens. But although both cotton and linen are natural fibres, there are differences. Linen fibres are thought to be among the strongest natural fibres on the planet. The fibres are also longer than those of many other plants, including cotton. This contributes to its strength. Linen has been used for clothing, to make table cloths and upholstery fabrics, and even to strengthen money!

Does linen fabric have disadvantages?

Although, as stated above, linen has a huge number of advantages and is great to wear against your skin, it must be said that its main disadvantage is that it wrinkles so easily. This means that even if you have ironed your linen garment carefully, just folding it up can mean it starts to get a wrinkled appearance. For best results, always hang linen garments up and wait for them to cool before handling further. Some people think rolling linen clothing rather than folding reduces the chance of wrinkling.

For this reason, it may be worth looking at linen blend fabrics. Linen that has been blended with some man-made fibre will still have much of the look and feel of linen, but will be less likely to crease easily.

Is sewing with linen easy?

Linen is a lovely, lightweight material that lends itself to many types of clothing. It does tend to fray, so make sure you finish off seams with a zig-zag stitch or rolled edges if you want your garment to stand the test of time. Some thicker types of linen can be tricky to sew when you have several layers together, so make sure you clip or pin layers together securely to avoid the fabric from slipping and twisting. Linen does not hold creases well so is best used for garments that do not involve pleats. It can be embroidered, dyed or embellished in other ways and will soften over time, which makes it a great favourite for table cloths and napkins which can last for decades.

Does Spotlight sell other fabrics too?

Yes, as well as linen and linen blends, Spotlight stocks a huge range of natural fabrics and man-made fabrics in a variety of colours, weight and styles, all available by the metre. If you want to sew your own projects, you will find materials here for everything from soft toys and babies clothing to bridal wear, industrial work garments and interior design projects like upholstery and curtains. Browse the range today to see the many different fabrics on offer.



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