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Our Guide To Gingham Fabric - Common Questions Answered

Gingham fabric is used in a variety of crafting projects these days, so it is no surprise that our range of gingham fabrics is extremely popular. If you would like to know more about gingham fabric, its maintenance, and its applications, be sure to read the information below.

What Is Gingham Fabric?

Originally, gingham fabric was made from 100% cotton fibres and done in a plain weave. As the years progressed, the fabric eventually included synthetic fibres as well. This means you can now count on both cotton and synthetic options to suit your budget.

Evidently, the weave and the material used in gingham fabric is not the only thing that sets it apart from other fabrics. In fact, the fabric is characterised by a symmetrical check pattern in one colour. Naturally, this means the fabric has a lot of applications in projects that require such a pattern.

Gingham fabrics can be made from either medium or fine yarn. The fabric is dyed on the warp yarns and along the grain weft, this is what provides gingham fabric with its unique look.

Is Gingham Fabric The Same Thing As Plaid Fabric?

Plaid and gingham fabric are often confused because of their similar look. While plaid has been around for longer, gingham actually has more symmetry than plaid. Plaid can also be provided in more than one colour, while the focus with gingham lies with a single colour.

Is Gingham Fabric A Formal Fabric?

Gingham fabric can be casual as well as formal. In general, you want to look at the size of the checkers on the fabric. The larger the check, the more casual the fabric is. So, if you wish to use gingham fabric for a formal garment, then always look for gingham fabric with the smaller checks.

What Are Popular Applications For Gingham Fabric?

Clothing is one application for your gingham fabric, but there are some projects around the home where you can use gingham fabric too. Here are some of our favourite applications for this versatile material.

Kitchen curtains - If you have designed your kitchen with a general country feel, you cannot miss out on some kitchen curtains made in gingham fabric. The check look of gingham fabric complements a country style perfectly.

If you love the look of your new kitchen curtains, then you can also complement your kitchen with a tablecloth made from gingham fabric. You can choose the same fabric you did your curtains in, but a different colour will complement your curtains just as well.

Children's bedroom curtains - Since gingham provides a design that is suitable for both young and old, you can use some gingham fabric for your child's bedroom curtains too. Not only do these look wonderful in a child's bedroom, the added benefit is that you do not have to worry about the curtains getting out of date as your child gets older, this because gingham is liked by adults and children alike.

Cushions and pillow covers - Gingham is not solely a fabric you can use on its own, you can combine it with other fabrics to put a lovely accent on your cushions or pillow covers. Some crafters even incorporate this fabric on their sofa, this since gingham fabric can draw the attention to your sofa and make it the focal point of your living room.

Is Gingham Fabric Only Suitable For A Country-Styled Home?

Gingham has the reputation of being a country fabric, but it has a lot of applications in contemporary homes these days. Opposed to plaid, a single colour is used in gingham, which makes it look elegant, smart and stylish in contemporary home environments.

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