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Learn All You Need To Know About Cotton Poplin And How To Use It In Your Craft

There are many types of cotton that can be used for crafting. From regular cotton fabrics to duck cotton and cotton canvas, there is an almost endless number of materials you can choose from. One of the cotton fabrics we also stock at Spotlight is cotton poplin, a popular material for all types of crafting applications.

Are you not that familiar with cotton poplin, but want to see if you can use it for crafting projects? Check out our ultimate guide to cotton poplin below and get crafting today!

What Is Cotton Poplin?

Cotton poplin is often used for garments, so it is likely you have some garments made from this material. Cotton poplin can come in variations as well for example, 100% cotton poplin or cotton-poly blend.

Crafters can recognise poplin by its unique ribbed texture and tight weave. The combination of texture and weave provides the material with a certain lustre, making it an extremely popular choice for fashion pieces.

Poplin is a material that has a considerable amount of benefits too. When poplin is made from 100% cotton, the fabric will be lightweight, yet have incredible strength. Since these are qualities that are valued by clothing manufacturers, it is no surprise that a lot of clothes are made from this fabric.

Of course, poplin can be made from more than cotton alone. Other natural and manmade fibres can also be woven into a poplin material, this includes satin, silk, and polyester blends. However, different types of fabrics have different properties. So, before you choose poplin made from another material, always check its properties before you get started.

What Are The Applications For Cotton Poplin?

As we mentioned briefly already, cotton poplin is incredibly popular for clothing. The fabric has been used for many years in dresses, shirts, skirts, and other clothing items. However, other applications of this material are possible too. Since the 19th century, cotton poplin is also a popular material for furniture upholstery.

One of the biggest benefits of using poplin for clothing is the natural sheen this material has. Because of the sheen, the fabric can be used for clothing one wears every day. That being said, the sheen also makes it luxurious enough for formal occasions.

Is There A Difference Between Poplin And Broadcloth?

Experienced crafters may wonder if there is a difference between poplin and broadcloth, since the materials are so similar. In fact, both fabrics are so similar, the terms are often used interchangeably. Still, there is a difference that crafters should be aware of.

The difference between broadcloth and poplin is the thickness of the yarn used in the material. So, even though broadcloth has the same wave as poplin, the yarn used for broadcloth is much thicker. As a result, broadcloth will feel much more robust and be thicker.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Poplin?

We already covered some of the advantages, but here are some of the primary benefits in a little more detail. We also listed the two disadvantages, which will help you determine the best applications for your poplin fabrics.

Before we head over to the advantages, let us mention the one disadvantage that is associated with poplin, more specifically the fact that this material does not retain heat. Naturally, this causes poplin to be unsuitable to wear during the winter months. That being said, it does make excellent clothing for the warmer months.

When we talk about the advantages of poplin, there are loads of things to mention. Firstly, the material is durable and strong, yet remains lightweight. It is also a versatile fabric that can be used for countless applications. You can even add your own prints to this material easily.

The overall lifespan of cotton poplin is quite lengthy as well. The fabric does not hold onto stains easily and is quite resistant to wrinkling. It also has a certain water-resistance, giving it some degree of outdoor applications.

Convinced you want to get some poplin for your next project? Don't wait any longer and take advantage of the amazing prices available in our entire cotton poplin range!



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