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Learn More About Velvet Fabric for Your Crafting Projects!

Velvet is a material that is commonly used in crafting, but notoriously difficult to work with. Today, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about velvet, so you can use velvet more effectively in your crafting projects.

What Is Velvet Exactly?

Velvet is a special type of fabric that dates to the Middle Ages (for as far as historically known). Many people do not realise that velvet can be made from various material fibres, since the thing that makes velvet material is the weave.

To create velvet, the fibres are woven as a double cloth on a special type of loom. To ensure the unique pile shape comes forward in the material, manufacturers will also add warp yarns during the manufacturing process. Of course, velvet is too delicate to be a stand-alone fabric, so manufacturers will use another fabric as a base to hold the velvet into its position.

Once velvet has been woven and attached to the base fabric, it can be dyed in a variety of different colours - this is exactly why velvet is such an interesting material for crafts, since there are so many rich colours to choose from.

Is Velvet a Durable Material for Crafting?

Even though the fabric needs a base fabric during its manufacturing, velvet is quite the durable fabric nonetheless. However, the properties of the material depend heavily on the material that has been used to create the velvet in the first place.

One common fabric fibre used for the creation of fabric is satin. When satin is used for velvet, the velvet fabric will adopt some of the qualities of satin - this includes a soft drape and a slightly shimmering look.

Velvet materials can be made with synthetic fibres too - this type of fabric is usually more affordable, but does not drape as well as velvet made from satin. Still, synthetic velvet has benefits for crafting, because this material has a wonderful sheen.

When you are looking for a combination of durability and strength, you should certainly consider a velvet material made from cotton fibres. Cotton is also a natural fibre type - this means it has hypoallergenic properties that could prove useful for specific crafting projects.

Can Velvet Be Cleaned?

Another common question we receive at Spotlight. Velvet can be cleaned, but it requires a different cleaning method than most fabrics out there.

To clean velvet, it is best to remove any rough stains or particles with a soft-bristled hair brush first - this will make it easier to get your material spotless later. Once you have cleaned your fabric with the brush, add some warm water and a few drops of a mild detergent to bottle or a bowl that can be closed off. Then, shake the bowl until you get suds.

Normally, detergent suds are something you want to avoid in your household, since suds means you are using your detergent incorrectly. Suds are created by using too much detergent, which means suds are the bubbles you will find on the water surface. However, when you clean velvet, you will use these suds to clean.

To apply the suds to the velvet, pick up a soft cloth and gently dap it into the suds above the water. Then, apply the suds with the cloth on the stain. Do not rub the material, but gently dab until the stain is completely removed from the material.

Is There a Difference Between Velvet and Velveteen?

Velvet and velveteen are often confused with one another, mainly because their name is so similar, and the materials do look similar at first glance. However, there are some clear differences between velvet and velveteen - this does not only include the way the materials are manufactured, but also their characteristics.

Compared to velvet, velveteen has a bit more substance. The material also has a pile, but this pile is always shorter than 3mm. Of course, velvet does have benefits that velveteen does not have. Velvet drapes better than velveteen and has more sheen.

What Crafting Projects Could I Use Velvet For?

There are countless projects you could use velvet for - this includes accessories, cushion covers, headboards, Christmas stockings, and most other crafting projects you can think of. Therefore, the only limit with velvet is imagination.

What Velvet Materials Can I Obtain from Spotlight?

Spotlight has an endless number of velvet fabrics available for your crafting projects - this includes the durable and hypoallergenic cotton velvet fabrics, but also synthetics and satins. Our velvet fabrics also come in various patterns and colours.

Do you have any questions about the velvet fabrics available at Spotlight? Or do you need a recommendation for velvet fabric? Feel free to contact our team of fabric experts, who will be more than happy to help you out.



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