Suiting can be made from various fibres including polyester or viscose to cotton or wool. Shop different styles of suiting fabric at Spotlight today!

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Can I buy suiting fabric at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Suiting fabrics are usually heavier than dressmaking fabrics and can be used for jackets, skirts, and pants as well as for workwear. Suiting can be made from a variety of different fibres including man-made polyester or viscose, as well as natural fabrics including cotton and wool. Often two or more fabrics are blended to give them more strength and durability, or to reduce creasing.

Spotlight stocks a wide range of suiting fabrics in plain colours, checks and stripes, as well as some that have some elastane added for extra stretch.

What should I consider when buying suiting?

Suiting fabric tends to be heavier, and sometimes a bit stiffer, than many other fabrics. This is necessary for tailored garments such as jackets or pants. This does mean that they can be a little trickier to sew with, if you are a novice. Jackets and pants can also be more involved as they have various shaped components, some of which may need to be lined, so it is not a job to tackle as your first attempt at sewing.

When buying suiting, take care when choosing a checked or striped fabric, as this will impact on the overall look of your finished garment. Getting checks and stripes to match up is important for a professional finish. Plain fabrics are usually easier to work with, but keep in mind that all pieces should face the same way if you don't want to be caught out by differences in shade or appearance.

What fabrics are suitable for suiting?

Wool or wool blends are great fabrics for suiting as they have the right weight and the natural fibre will be suitable for all periods of the year. Man-made fabrics such as Viscose or Polyester are also suitable, they will usually be cheaper and are normally very hard-wearing, which makes them ideal for workwear or school uniforms.

What is poly-viscose fabric?

Poly-viscose is a mixture of Polyester and Viscose, a cheaper alternative to wool, often found in suits and tailored garments. The material has a wool-like finish and feel, but is much cheaper to buy. The fabric is resistant to creasing and drapes well, which makes it ideal for trousers, skirts etc. Poly-viscose is also slightly absorbent, which makes it a comfortable fabric to wear in summer or as when used in a work garment.

Does Spotlight sell other fabrics too?

Yes, Spotlight has a huge range of fabrics on offer, from thin and gauzy nets and tulles to strong gabardines and calico fabrics. You will find everything here for dressmaking projects, for kids' clothes, interior design projects including upholstery, curtains and bedding, and much more. Craft fabrics and speciality fabrics such as faux fur and suede are also on offer. Take a look at the huge range today and find fabrics in a wide range of colours, weights and fibres as well as all the other essentials for your sewing project.



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