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Can I buy satin fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight offers you a range of beautiful shiny and silky satin fabrics including understated plain satins and exquisitely printed satins, for a range of garments including evening wear, bridal wear and dance or theatre costumes, or to make beautiful accessories or items for the home such as bed linen. The range also includes stretch sateen and viscose fabrics, which have similar properties to satin.

What is satin fabric?

Satin fabric typically has a glossy surface and a dull back, which is the result of the weaving technique used. If a fabric is formed with a satin weave using fibres such as silk, nylon, or polyester, the resulting fabric is called satin, although some definitions insist that the fabric must be made from silk. If the yarns used are short-staple yarns such as cotton, the fabric is classed as sateen.

A satin fabric tends to have a high lustre (or shine) making it very popular for the construction of bed sheets and pillow cases. It is also often used for garments such as baseball jackets, athletic shorts, womens lingerie, nightgowns, blouses, and evening gowns, as well as in mens boxer shorts, briefs, shirts and neckties. It can be finished with lace or combined with other luxurious fabrics such as velvet and can be used as lining for garments such as capes.

What about Viscose?

Viscose is a soft and lightweight fabric manufactured from a plant-based material called cellulose. Viscose is typically made from woody plants, such as trees and bamboo. Viscose has a silky appearance and feel, it breathes like cotton and has a good relatively light, resulting in lightweight clothing. Its properties are similar to the satin fabrics in this range, which is why it has been included here. It is often used for tops, blouses and similar outfits.

How should I care for satin fabrics?

Because satin can be made from different types of fibres, care instructions will vary. Here are some common tips:

  • Attend to stains immediately so they do not become permanent. Treat spots with a stain remover before washing. If it is a blood stain, soak the satin in cold water before you use the stain remover. Avoid stain removers that contain bleach.
  • Dry clean satin garments made of silk and acetate. Satin clothing made from these fibres is delicate.
  • You can wash satin dresses made from other fibres. Turn the garment inside out and hand wash it in cool or warm water with a detergent made for delicate clothing. If you want to use a washing machine, choose the delicate cycle.
  • Let the garment air-dry. Lay it on a thick towel and roll the towel up to squeeze out some of the water. You can dry it outside but keep it out of direct sunlight, which may cause fading.
  • Iron the satin garment if necessary, but keep a cotton cloth or lightweight towel between the satin and the direct heat of the iron, and use the lowest setting.


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