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Your Beginner's Guide To Faux Fur

Faux fur is a great material to work with. Not only can it add a little warmth to your apparel and home decoration projects, it can add a bit of drama too. If you wish to learn more about faux fur, be sure to read on.

What Is Faux Fur?

The term faux fur is basically used to refer to fake fur. This means the product is not derived from animals but made with manmade or natural fabric fibres.

To create faux fur, manufacturers manipulate the fibres in a way that simulate animal fur. Evidently, this provides a product that is more animal friendly, but also more affordable.

What Are The Different Types Of Faux Fur Currently Available?

There are dozens of variations of basic faux fur. But to make classification a little more straightforward, you can divide the different kinds of faux fur into long pile faux fur, medium pile faux fur, and short pile faux fur.

The term pile basically refers to the length of the fur. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the pile, the more dramatic the effect it will create on your garments.

What Are Trendy Applications For Faux Fur?

Faux fur can be used for almost anything these days. Even famous fashion designers have stepped away from traditional fur and create their new creations in faux fur.

Common applications for faux fur in the fashion industry includes jackets and coats. However, you will also find them in accessories and even footwear. As a crafter, you have loads of applications to try out!

How To Maintain Faux Fur?

While you may not expect it, faux fur is remarkably easy to maintain. Because of the nature of the material, it is actually quite resistant against moths and dust, two factors that could easily damage other fabrics.

Of course, there are some things to be careful of when you want to keep faux fur pristine. Most kinds of faux fur do not react too kindly to moisture. So, if you wear faux fur in the rain, it can ruin the natural fluff of the material. If necessary, to can use a special faux fur brush to sort out the fabric fibres.

If you should encounter a stain on your faux fur, it is recommended not to put this material in the washing machine. Instead, use a special spot cleaning solution for faux fur. You can also attempt to brush out the stain, depending on where it is situated. If you do have to use some water to get the stain out, be sure to let the material dry.

As we briefly mentioned already, some environmental factors can cause the fibres to stick together, make the material lose some of its natural fluff. So, acquiring a special comb or brush for faux fur can extend the lifespan of your faux fur considerably.

Finally, make sure you store your faux fur properly. Ideally, you want to hang all your faux fur garments instead of folding them into a wardrobe. Also, make sure that the location where you store your faux fur is not susceptible to moisture or heat.

Beautiful Faux Fur Available At Spotlight

Spotlight does not only provide the basic black and white faux fur options. In fact, the range contains bolder colours too. One faux fur option is even made in rainbow colours, enabling crafters to create some unique projects.

In Spotlight's collection, you will find all types of faux fur too, this ranges from shot pile to long pile faux fur. No matter which carries your preference, you will find the most affordable options right here.

Aside from Faux Fur, Spotlight provide a full range of other fabrics too. From plain cotton fabrics to more unique voile and tulle options. If you are an avid crafter, be sure to check out the other fabric options currently in our collection.



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