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Learn Everything You Need To Know About Crepe Fabric?

While crepe fabric is one of the most luxurious options out there, not all crafters are familiar with the material. If you are looking to familiarize yourself with crepe for a future crafting project, be sure to read through Spotlight's convenient guide for more information.

What Is Crepe Fabric?

A crepe fabric is a fabric with a light to a medium weight. It is often used for dresses, blouses, and more elegant garment designs. In some cases, it can be used for curtains and decorative pillows.

Crepe fabric can be made from numerous fabric fibres. Common fabric fibres used for crepe include silk, wool, and synthetics. Depending on the source fibre, the ultimate crepe fabric can have variable properties.

Of course, there are some properties all crepe fabric has, no matter the source fibre used to create the material. In fact, crepe has this unique wrinkled appearance, which is certainly interesting for more textured garments.

How Is Crepe Manufactured?

Surprisingly, there are different manufacturing methods for crepe. In other words, different brands may manufacture their crepe in different ways, and this can have an influence on the overall look of the material.

Crafters should also know that crepe can be woven or knit, this means that your crepe can come with or without stretching properties.

So, how do you tell the difference between these different types of crepe? Well, the main difference lies in the texture of the material. Depending on the texture, a different fabric name can be used.

What Are The Different Types Of Crepe?

As mentioned briefly already, there are various types of crepe fabrics with their own names. Now, Spotlight will discuss the most prominent types out there.

The first type you can encounter is crepe de chine. This particular crepe fabric is made from silk. Interestingly, it is sometimes difficult to tell this is a crepe fabric, as the silk makes the material much smoother.

Another option is so-called crepe georgette. This kind of crepe fabric also has a rather smooth exterior. It is made from a combination of silk and synthetic materials. Because of this combination, it has a really wonderful drape. So, if you are looking for a nice fabric for a dress, crepe georgette could be a great option.

Wool crepe is one of the tougher crepe fabrics out there. Contrary to its name, this crepe fabric can be made from synthetic fabrics and cotton as well, so it does not solely have to consist out of wool. Wool crepe is mainly known for its resistance to wrinkling, which is quite unique considering the natural look of crepe.

If you are looking for a synthetic crepe, you could look at polyester crepe too. As the name suggests, this crepe is made from manmade polyester, which delivers a light fabric with a relatively beautiful drape. Therefore, this crepe is suitable for dresses, skirts and even blouses. In some cases, manufacturers can combine polyester crepe with elastane, which provides a bit more stretch to the material.

A lesser known form of crepe is canton crepe. This type of crepe actually comes from China and is difficult to distinguish from crepe de chine. However, there is a minor difference because canton crepe is a little heavier than its counterpart.

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