Sew In Interfacing

Add weight, stability and strength to any sewing project with Spotlight's handy sew in interfacing fabric. Shop sew on interfacing online or in-store.

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Can I purchase sew-in interfacing at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Sew-in interfacing is available in various weights, so you can get the right type of interfacing depending on the sewing project you are working on. Interfacing is often used to strengthen parts of a garment, such as collars, cuffs, lapels etc., but can also be used to give extra strength to bags, toys and other craft projects. It can be used to get collars to stand up, to make shoulder pads, and many people like to sew it into areas where buttonholes will be stitched, as it can prevent them from tearing too easily, which can sometimes happen with frequent use.

How do I use sew-in interfacing fabric?

Sew-in interfacing is normally secured to the fabric before sewing the project by basting it within the seam allowances, although sometimes you may just layer up the fabric and interfacing and sew together. Check what is called for in the pattern instructions. Sew-in interfacing is ideal when you have a fabric that cannot be ironed or has texture, which means that iron-on interfacing is less suitable.

How is sew-in interfacing sold at Spotlight?

Some of our sew-in interfacings are available as pre-cut pieces, which is ideal if you only have need of a small piece, but many others are available by the metre too. Take a look at the range to see what the different options are, from featherweight to heavy duty interfacing. Patterns will often tell you what weight of interfacing is required, but if in doubt be guided by your main fabric and use heavier interfacing for heavier fabrics, unless you want to severely stiffen something like a stand-up collar.

Are other types of interfacing available from Spotlight too?

Yes, you can also find iron on interfacing (sometimes called fusible interfacing) here at Spotlight. This interfacing does much the same job, but can be stuck to your fabric by gently ironing the interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric. This is not always suitable when you have stretch fabric, textured fabric or very thin fabric, which is when iron-on interfacing is a better alternative.

Does Spotlight sell other fabrics too?

Yes, here at Spotlight you will find a huge collection of different fabrics on offer, including dressmaking and tailoring fabrics, upholstery fabrics, curtain and blind fabrics, craft fabrics, general purpose fabrics and specialty fabrics. All our fabrics are available by the metre so you can get exactly what you need for your sewing or craft projects.

How about other sewing essentials?

Yes, you can find yarn, ribbons, lining, tools, equipment and many different sewing accessories on offer at Spotlight, so check out the whole range to see what is available. You will be delighted at the huge variety of sewing items in our range, all at great prices too!



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