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Discover Countless Fabric Types In The Disney Licensed Fabrics Range!

When you had a look at our range of licensed fabrics, you will have noticed a number of Disney options. To ensure every child can enjoy something in a Disney fabric, Spotlight provides these fabrics in many materials. To learn more about the various benefits of these materials, which can help you decide on the type of fabric, please read our fabric information guide below.

What Are The Benefits Of Muslin Disney Fabric?

Muslin fabric is definitely a favourite for baby swaddles. The reason why is not difficult to find, as muslin swaddles have shown to have numerous benefits for babies.

One of the benefits of muslin swaddles is that they prevent accidental face scratching. Research also indicates that a muslin swaddle can soothe babies and alleviate the symptoms of colic. The material also promotes a longer sleep, so parents can benefit from this wonderful material as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Fleece Fabric For Babies?

Baby fleece is a remarkably popular fabric used for many different baby items. During baby showers, you will often find gifts made from durable and soft baby fleece. So, choosing some baby fleece for a crafting project is certainly not a bad idea.

There are a number of things that can be made with fleece, as already mentioned. A baby jacket for those outdoor walks is a great choice for a little baby. There are also some great hat patterns made from baby fleece, so there is no shortage to the options available to you.

What Are The Benefits Of Cotton Fabric For Babies?

While there are many popular fabrics for baby items, one of the most popular fabrics is undoubtedly cotton. But what are some of the reasons why crafters choose cotton for baby items time and time again?

One of the main benefits of cotton fabric is its superior softness. Since babies have a sensitive skin, a rough fabric could irritate the baby's skin. Fortunately, cotton is a soft fabric that is gentle to the skin, and therefore unlikely to cause issues.

Another big benefit of cotton is that the material is hypoallergenic. So, babies sensitive to skin conditions such as eczema and rashes. Cotton is does not release small compounds that could trigger and asthma attack either, which makes cotton the better choice for children suffering from respiratory problems.

Cotton is also a fabric that is remarkably easy to clean. As the material does not hold onto stains that easily, it is easy to wash and to keep as pristine as the day you bought it.

One of the issues with manmade material is that they are often treated with special chemicals to give them a softer finish. Since cotton is naturally soft, this chemical treatment is not needed for this material. As a result, you can get a natural material that is unlikely to cause rashes on the skin as well as irritation or burns.

Finally, cotton can easily be placed in the washing machine. You can also put it in the dryer, which means you can wash it as often as you like. And, since babies can make a bit of a mess, this is a very important benefit to have.

Finding The Right Baby Fabrics At Spotlight

If you are thinking about making a swaddle or some clothing for your baby, then you will find what you need in Spotlight's fabrics collection. You will find many options in our Disney Classics Fabric range, but there are plenty of other collections that contain suitable fabrics for baby apparel.

To uncover the full range of apparel for children, we encourage you to visit the main fabric collection at Spotlight. There are numerous deals to take advantage of on a regular basis, so be sure to check back with Spotlight regularly for more great offers.



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