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How To Work With Novelty Fabrics?

Novelty fabrics, including Spotlight's range of AFL fabrics, find countless applications in numerous projects. But how do you best work with novelty fabrics?

How Do I Determine The Amount Of Novelty Fabric I Need?

When you have a pattern, it usually tells you the amount of novelty fabric you need to purchase. However, we recommend buying some additional novelty fabric for your project, this because themed fabrics can be more complicated to work with. You may need to adjust some of your cutting and sewing techniques as well, so having some extra fabric certainly will not hurt.

Do I Need To Prewash Novelty Fabrics?

For most fabrics you purchase, you will need to prewash your fabric. This is certainly the case for cotton fabrics, which tend to shrink upon their first wash. Obviously, you do not want your final project to shrink, so is best to wash your fabrics first and foremost.

Ideally, you want to wash your fabric before you start cutting. So, waiting with measuring and cutting your fabric until it has gone through a round inside the washing machine.

What Basic Supplies Do I Need To Work With Novelty Fabrics?

In some cases, the colours and the theme of a novelty fabric can force you to adjust the tools you use. For example, if you are working with a boldly coloured fabric and matching thread, then visibility can be reduced. So, this should only be undertaken by crafters with plenty of experience and who have the equipment to support it.

When you just start out sewing, it is best to undertake some practice projects first and foremost. For example, you can use a white thread on a black piece of fabric. This enables you to see your stitches better and adjust the settings on your sewing machine if you need to do so.

As for your supplies, it all depends on the type of sewing you choose, manual or machine sewing. Of course, in both cases, you will need some thread to match your fabric. For example, if your fabric is made of cotton, then you should have a cotton thread to match. This ensures your project wears evenly, opposed to thread wearing down before the rest of your fabric.

When it comes down to sewing needles, you must adjust depending on the type of fabric you have. In this case, the colour or bold design of the fabric matters less, but the type of fabric matters more. Some fabrics require thinner needles, while others require something a bit more robust.

If you are unsure about the sewing needles you need for your project, it is a good idea to check your pattern first and foremost. Patterns do not only disclose fabric recommendations, they also give you more information on sewing needles and other accessories.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With Novelty Fabric?

From our article, you may have noticed that working with novelty fabric demands a little extra attention. And while beginners do not grab novelty fabric from the start, advanced crafters find the right challenge into novelty fabrics.

A novelty fabric brings a whole new dimension to a project. Since the fabrics tend to have bolder colours and a lot more depth, they are brilliant for numerous applications.

One of the applications for novelty fabrics are quilting projects. Not only do these bolder fabrics create more unique dimensions, they are also more suitable for children's quilts.

Novelty fabrics are also a great choice for children's apparel, including pyjamas and costumes. Our AFL fabrics are quite popular for pyjamas, so be sure to pick out some of your children's favourites if you have a design in mind.

Themed Fabrics Currently Available At Spotlight

Spotlight has numerous themed and novelty fabrics to choose from. There's Spotlight's range of AFL fabrics, but there are many other novelty fabrics to discover in the catalogue.

In our range of licensed apparel fabrics, you can find a bunch of other original options. Spotlight provides licensed fabrics with themes such as Minnie Mouse, Toy Story, Harry Potter and so much more. These themed fabrics are perfect for children's pyjamas and even curtains for a child's bedroom.

Of course, you can also count on Spotlight for a variety of other fabrics. Aside from the range of novelty fabrics, crafters can also choose from curtain fabrics, dressmaking fabrics, and so much more. There's also a collection of accessories and patterns to benefit from, so be sure to check our entire catalogue for some excellent deals.



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