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How To Work With Double-Knit Fabrics?

Every kind of fabric has its own properties. Crafters need to be aware of those properties, as they could influence cutting and sewing techniques. This is no different for double-knit fabrics, as they have their own set of properties. If you want to make sure you have all your bases covered, be sure to read through our comprehensive guide to double-knit fabrics below.

What Is A Double-Knit Fabric?

The double-knit fabric is made by knitting two layers of fabric together. To do this, manufacturers use a combination of several needles, creating a strong but rather intricate material.

When Should Double-Knit Fabric Be Used In Sewing Projects?

Since double-knit fabrics are considerably stronger than most fabrics, they can be used in a countless number of applications. The strength and durability of the material makes the fabric easier to work with, even though it has less stretch.

The unique structure of double-knit fabrics is quite suitable for clothing that needs more durability. It is extremely popular for bottoms, but also for clothes that need a heavier drape. In other words, you may have some existing patterns that could benefit greatly from a good double-knit fabric.

We must mention that double-knit fabrics can be very good for beginner projects as well. As we have mentioned already, double-knits are easy to work with. So, even beginners will find some applications for this material.

What Benefits Does Double-Knit Provide For Clothes?

We already mentioned the durability of double-knit fabrics. However, this is not the only reason why this material is so popular for clothes. Here are some of the additional advantages associated with double-knit.

Wrinkle-resistance - Double-knits are less like to wrinkle compared to standard knitted fabric. While they are not completely wrinkle free, it does mean that double-knit is a better choice for casual clothes and for people who travel often and pack their clothes in a suitcase.

Slimming - Clothes that are made from a double-knit tend to have a slimming effect on the body. While the design does play a role in this, double-knits are extremely popular for plus size clothing.

Are There Different Types Of Double-Knit?

Yes. Interlock jersey, Ponte di Roma or Ponte are all examples of double-knit fabrics. To understand these fabrics in a little more detail, let's take a look at each one and their properties.

Interlock jersey - The interlock jersey fabric consists of two layers of jersey fabrics, this with the back loops of the fabric knitted together. As the back loops are connected, each side of the fabric is smooth. It also means that there is no distinguishable front and back for double-knit interlock jersey fabric.

Ponte di Roma - This kind of fabric is one kind of interlock fabric. It is characterised by its firmness and a slight horizontal ribbing on the surface of the fabric. The material can be made from various fabric fibres and the manufacturer can include some spandex to add stretch to the material.

What To Think About When Purchasing Double-Knit Fabric?

Selecting a double-knit fabric is very similar to selecting other types of fabrics. In other words, you will look at the usual properties such as stretch, weight and overall quality. In some cases, budget will also play a role.

One of the things to pay the most attention to when you select a double-knit is the fibre content. We already mentioned that double-knit can consist of various fabric fibres. So, while your fabric could be made from primarily polyester, manufacturers could add metallic thread, spandex and many other fabric fibres. Depending on the amount they add, it could influence the properties of the fabric in question.

Before you start sewing with your new fabric, do not forget that double-knit fabrics need to be prewashed as well. As you may know already, fabrics can shrink when washed for the first time. So, you want to get this done before you do any cutting or sewing.

As for the actual sewing process, you don't need anything more than a standard sewing machine, as double-knit is quite durable to begin with. However, we do recommend a straight stitch or a narrow zig zag stitch. Ideally, you want to test the stitches on a small patch of the double-knit fabric before you get started, this could prevent some hassle down the line.



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