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Everything Dressmakers Should Know About Interlock Fabric

Once you become a bit more proficient and use different fabrics in your garments, you will encounter interlock fabrics quite quickly. But what is interlock fabric exactly? And are there certain things you need to know before you start sewing with it? Spotlight has you covered with this convenient guide on interlock fabric.

What Is Interlock Fabric Exactly?

Interlock fabric is a special double-knit fabric. It is often compared to the popular jersey knit fabric, given its similar appearance. However, there are some differences between jersey knit and interlock knit dressmakers should be aware of.

One of the main differences between interlock and jersey is that interlock is thicker. Because it is thicker, that does provide it with some advantages that jersey does not have. Firstly, it has a bit more stretch than jersey and looks exactly the same on both sides. On top of that, it also does not curl, which is a common problem with many knit fabrics.

The reason behind all the benefits of interlock fabric is the unique way this material is made. In fact, the material basically consists of two separate pieces of jersey knit fabric, connected at the back with a single thread.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Interlock Fabric?

We already mentioned one of the main benefits of interlock fabric, more specifically that it does not curl around the edges and that it provides more stretch than jersey. But that does not mean those are the only benefits you will receive. Interlock fabric is also soft, absorbent and provides a smooth exterior. In other words, a great fabric for a variety of garments.

What Is The Best Application For Interlock Fabric?

Interlock fabrics have numerous applications, but Spotlight mainly recommends it for activewear. Since the material has lots of stretch, it shapes itself over the body perfectly while moving. In addition to that, it also snaps back beautifully, increasing its lifespan over the course of time.

What Materials Are Used For Interlock Fabric?

As you may have guessed already, interlock does not refer to a specific fabric fibre but to a specific technique used to create the fabric. This also means that the fabric can be made with numerous fabric fibres. Two of the most common materials you will encounter for interlock fabric are cotton and polyester.

Polyester is usually the better option for interlock fabrics that will be used to make activewear. Even though cotton is a breathable material suitable for warmer temperatures, the material does hold onto moisture. So, your sportswear can become a little uncomfortable if it retains that moisture. Therefore, you should choose polyester interlock fabric, or a combination of two different fabrics for sportswear.

Of course, that does not mean that there are not any applications for cotton interlock fabric. Given the stretch of interlock fabrics, you can count on some comfortable casual clothes, which you can wear every single day.

While interlock does have a more casual appearance, you should not rule it out for some smarter garments either. While it may not be as suitable for elegant evening gowns, it can make a great suit.

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