Block Printed Quilt Cover Project



  • Jo Sonja Paint
  • Jo Sonja Textile Medium
  • Renoir Ezy Carve tools
  • Renoir Ezy Carve mat
  • Quilt Cover

Read all instructions carefully before commencing the project.



Step 1 - To create your blocks, use a slightly warm iron to transfer images from a freshly printed laser or inkjet printer paper or drawyour own design directly on to the block. Remember that designs with words or copy will print in reverse and create a mirror image. We have used 7 different geometric designs for this project.

Step 2 - Once you have drawn your designs onto the carve mat, carve away the areas you do not want to be printed with the carving tools. Use the different sized tips to carve out the different parts of the block. You can also show more detail and emphasis in your cutting by using cutters of varying widths or light and heavy cuts.

Step 3 - When you are happy with the finished design you can now mix your paints. Mix the textile medium with equal
parts of your paint colours - this will instantly transform the Jo Sonja paint into durable fabric paint.

Step 4 - Place some cardboard inside the quilt cover underneath the fabric of the area you are going to print onto, this will stop the paint from bleeding through both layers of the quilt cover.

Step 5 - Use a paint brush to carefully and evenly distribute the paint over the printing block. Once you are happy with
the coverage you can then press the block firmly onto the fabric of the bedding. Hold down for a few seconds before removing block. If you need to re print a section you can just ensure you line up the design on the block perfectly to avoid any blurred lines in your design.

Step 6 - Continue printing with the different blocks and colours across the quilt cover and cushions until you are happy with the finished look. Ensure you clean the block between each print and always remember to clean your block with soap and water when you have finished printing.

Step 7 - Once the paint has dried, heat set with an iron to finish!



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