Kringle Sparkle Crochet Garland & Knit Stars Project




  • 'Value Ball' Kringle Sparkle 8Ply 50g balls 1 x C1-white 1 x C2-red, 1 x C3- green mix, 1 x C4-xmas mix.
  • A 4mm crochet hook
  • Scissors, yarn needle, tape measure

Knitted Stars

  • 1 x ball 'Value Ball' Kringle Sparkle 8ply, 50g in various colours
  • 4.00 mm circular knitting needle (40cm)
  • Set of 4 double-pointed knitting needles
  • 20cm x 6mm ribbon
  • Scissors, yarn needle, tape measure
  • Sewing needle & thread
  • Hobby fill


Completed chain length (approx) 250 cm



Note: Work each link one at a time, alternating colours and working same number of links in each colour.

Using 4mm hook, make 10ch.

1st row - Miss 3ch (counts as 1tr), 1tr in each ch to end ... 8tr, turn.
2nd row - 2ch (counts as 1tr), miss first tr, 1tr in top of each tr to end, 1tr in 3rd ch at beg, turn.
Rep 2nd row until work measures 15cm.
Fasten off. **

*** Fold link in half so first and last rows are together. Using 4mm hook, sl st across first and last rows through all thickness to join into a ring. Turn link inside out, so that joining ridge is on the inside of ring. ***

Work another link to **.

Loop the 2nd link through the first link and then rep from *** to ***.

Continue adding links in same manner, until chain measures approx 250cm or until completion of yarns.

Sew in all ends. DO NOT PRESS.



K = knit,p2sso = pass 2 slipped stitches over,sl2tog = slip 2 stitches together knitways,st/s = stitch/es.

STAR - make 2

Using circular knitting needle cast on 115 sts and knit 1 row.


Rnd 1. K21, (sl2tog, K1, p2sso, K20) 4 times, sl2tog, K1, p2sso [K1 is first st knitted in Rnd 1] (105 sts).
Rnd 2. K19, (sl2tog, K1, p2sso, K18) 4 times, sl2tog, K1, p2sso (95 sts).
Rnd 3. K17, (sl2tog, K1, p2sso, K16) 4 times, sl2tog, K1, p2sso (85 sts).
Rnd 4. K15, (sl2tog, K1, p2sso, K14) 4 times, sl2tog, K1, p2sso (75 sts).
Rnd 5. K13, (sl2tog, K1, p2sso, K12) 4 times, sl2tog, K1, p2sso (65 sts).
Rnd 6. K11, (sl2tog, K1, p2sso, K10) 4 times, sl2tog, K1, p2sso (55 sts).
Rnd 7. K9, (sl2tog, K1, p2sso, K8) 4 times, sl2tog, K1, p2sso (45 sts).

Note - Change to set of 4 needles as work becomes too small to work on the circular needle.

Rnd 8. K7, (sl2tog, K1, p2sso, K6) 4 times, sl2tog, K1, p2sso (35 sts).
Rnd 9. K5, (sl2tog, K1, p2sso, K4) 4 times, sl2tog, K1, p2sso (25 sts).
Rnd 10. K3, (sl2tog, K1, p2sso, K2) 4 times, sl2tog, K1, p2sso (15 sts).
Rnd 11. K1, (sl2tog, K1, p2sso) 5 times. [the last K1 is the first K1 worked in the round] (5 sts). Cut yarn leaving a 20cm tail. Thread tail through remaining 5 sts, pull to tighten, secure and neaten end.


Step 1. With wrong sides facing pin around 4 sides of the star.
Step 2. Fold ribbon in half and pin inside 1 point (approx 1.5cm down).
Step 3. Fill star, working fill out to points and shaping star.
Step 4. Pin remaining edges.
Step 5. Sew around all edges, using needle and thread, and a back stitch. Ensure that ribbon is secured well.



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