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The Wiggles Party Collection has everything you need to create the ulitmate Wiggles party. Find Wiggles balloons, tableware & fun party decorations, shop now!

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Shop The Wiggles Party Supplies To Throw the Ultimate Wiggly Party

For all the kids who love to sing and dance, get ready to have fun with your very own Wiggles-themed party! The Wiggles Party Collection has everything you need to create a Wiggles wonderland, which includes tableware, cups, balloons and fun party decorations. Make it Wiggly with Spotlight!

What Can I Use To Make A Wiggles Party?

Themed parties can be tricky to set up, but we promise you can make any party Wiggly with Spotlight's Wiggles party supplies.

Set the scene by decorating your space with our Wiggles-themed balloons, and don't forget to play your favourite Wiggles tunes. Set your table with a Wiggles tablecloth, Wiggles paper plates, Wiggles napkins and Wiggle-printed cups. You can even add a Wiggles candle to your cake. Keep an eye out for our Emma Wiggles party supplies, as they are a big hit with young girls.

Dress up in a Wiggles mask and a yellow, blue, red or purple jumper and your Wiggles party is good to go!

We also offer a huge range of party supplies and party decorations online that you can use to augment your Wiggles party.

What Are Some Wiggles Party Games I Can Play?

Party games are the highlight of an event, but how can you put a Wiggly spin on traditional games? Try some of the following:

  • Musical statues - play through the Wiggles catalogue for this game. For an added challenge, make a rule that all dancing has to be using Wiggles moves!
  • Pin the tail on Wags the Dog - this game works the same as the classic Pin The Tail On The Donkey, but subsitute in the lovable Wags the Dog instead!
  • Big Red Car cardboard creation - if you have some large cardboard boxes on hand, this is a fun way to get crafty! Kids can use pencils, textas and any other craft supplies to make their car, which can then be used for play races afterwards.
  • Captain Feathersword loot bag hunt - best done towards the end of the party, making your party favour gift bags part of a treasure hunt makes them all the sweeter!

When you can't find Wiggles themed party supplies for your games, have a go at making your own!

Find The Right Wiggles Supplies At Spotlight

Find everything you need for a Wiggles party at Spotlight! You can have your online order delivered to your home, or pick it up from a store using click and collect. You can also view the Wiggles party range in person, by visiting your local Spotlight store.

Throw the ultimate party by taking advantage of Spotlight's incredible party hub online, where you can find everything from costumes and wigs to tableware and balloons. For baking recipes and how-tos, have a read of our amazing cakes and confectionary projects page. And for fun party themes, ideas and tips, let our celebrate blog inspire you!



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