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Shop disposable party cutlery at Spotlight! Find plastic cutlery & eco options such as cornstarch & wooden cutlery. Buy forks, knives & spoons for your party!

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What Kinds Of Disposable Party Cutlery Can I Find At Spotlight?

Hosting an event? Make cleaning up easy with any of our party cutlery sets - we have disposable cutleries in all sorts of colours and materials available to suit your needs. At Spotlight you can find:

  • Classic plastic cutlery sets - a quintessential part of any birthday party, our plastic spoons, forks and knives come in basic block colours, elegant metallics and clear sets. These disposable cutleries are light and easy to use.
  • Heavy weight plastic utensils - these special plastic cutlery sets have been designed to feel more like regular metal cutlery when being held, giving them a weight that makes them more comfortable to use. Our heavyweight plastic knives, spoons and forks come in a great range of block colours you can use to suit your event.
  • Eco-friendly disposable cutlery - we have a range of eco-friendly cutlery sets to choose from, including sets made from bamboo, cornstarch and birch wood. Strong, grippy and decomposable, wooden cutlery and chopsticks are a great choice for the eco-conscious!

Can I Wash And Reuse My Party Cutlery?

If you love hosting parties, you find the repeated buying and disposing of plastic forks, spoons and knives tiresome. Luckily, plastic cutlery can be washed and reused if you're careful! Hand washing plastic utensils is best, as the hot water of a dishwasher can cause your plastic cutlery to crack. If your plastic utensils are in one piece after use, wash them with warm water and soap before hand-drying on a rack. As long as no cracks or warps develop, you can continue to wash and reuse your plastic cutlery.

Unfortunately, wooden cutlery cannot be reused, as they are not usually treated to be water-resistant and water will sink into the wood and stay there, becoming a haven for bacteria and eventually causing the wood to warp and crack. In conclusion, wooden disposable spoons, forks and knives must be thrown out after use unless they are sealed or professionally cleaned.

What Other Partyware Can I Find At Spotlight?

  • Christmas decorations - Spotlight's got your Christmas decorations sorted! We've got a huge range of merry décor you can use to bedazzle your home this silly season.
  • Invitations and gift wrap - gift giving is something we all enjoy, and you can make your gift that little bit extra special with any of our gorgeous gift wraps or gift bags.
  • Confectionary - we have a great spread of lollies at Spotlight, including lollipops, chewy candies and jubes. Perfect for placing into bowls or bashing out of a piñata!
  • Event supplies - we have all the general supplies you need for a party, including cake ingredients, party decorations, games, tableware and more.
  • Party theme supplies - one of the easiest ways to decide on party decorations is to choose a theme! Our themed decorations will help you decorate your home from top to bottom in a colourful, coherent look.

You can see the full range of party supplies online or in-store.

Find The Right Party Cutlery At Spotlight

You can find the best plastic cutlery and eco-friendly cutlery sets here at Spotlight! View the range at your local Spotlight store, or shop the full range online and choose either home delivery or click and collect for your order - we have a great range of payment options available.

For great party ideas, check out our handy celebrate blog! We have useful articles on setting a table, throwing a kid's party and so much more.



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