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Create the Perfect Costume With Skirts & Tutus From Spotlight

Whether you're looking for a pink tutu for a ballerina themed party or a black tutu skirt to create a witch outfit for Halloween, Spotlight has you covered! With a great range of colours, styles and materials to choose from, Spotlight has kids' costume skirts and adult tutus that are perfect for any party theme or event.

What kinds of costume skirts can I find at Spotlight?

Our kid's skirts and adult skirts are themed around popular franchises like Harry Potter, DC and Marvel Heroes and Disney, but we also have simple skirts in single or multi colours you can use as part of a more generic costume. The rainbow costume skirts are perfect for becoming a magical unicorn and we also have hula skirts, sequined skirts and princess tutus which are perfect for dance, concerts, parades or play time.

Tutus & Skirts FAQs

What is a tutu?

Tutus are commonly known as the formal outfits worn by performing ballet dancers, and can refer to either just the skirt or the full outfit including the matching bodice. Because of their iconic shape, tutus have become popular at costume parties, especially at dance and ballet-themed occasions. Tutus are known for their stiff, almost horizontal design with delicate ruffles underneath, but they also come in more relaxed styles that cascade down the body. Tutus can end at the thigh, knee or even occasionally ankle - there's a tutu style out there for everyone!

What costumes can I create with a tutu?

Due to their many layers and colours, tutus can be integrated into almost any costume. Besides the classic ballerina, you can use a red tutu to represent your favourite superhero or an aqua skirt or blue tutu to dress up as a mermaid. Think creatively and you'll find a tutu that can be used in almost any costume!

What outfits can I create with costume skirts?

Skirts are a part of many traditional costumes and are a convenient and multi-purpose way to DIY many different dress-ups. Fairy, schoolgirl, cheerleader and dancer costumes can easily incorporate a skirt. A great flexible costume piece, you can build an entire costume around a skirt, or use one as the finishing touch for a finished outfit.

What other costumes and costume accessories can I find at Spotlight?

At Spotlight we offer the convenience of a huge range of ready made adult dress-up costumes and kids costumes & superhero costumes. You can also find a fabulous selection of costume accessories and props, so you can customise or create your costume with any of the below great ranges:

Find the Right Tutus & Skirts at Spotlight

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